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  1. drivebymashing

    M998 pulling m105 modified

    My 2 man m998 6.2 3sp pulling my m105a2. I lowered and changed wheels and cutoff unnecessary weight weighed in at 7280 with me and 1/4 tank of fuel. Pulls like a dream and handle 4500 pounds of gravel easily. My transmission temp shot with a temp gun was 113 pulling up my steep driveway. Tires...
  2. drivebymashing

    M gators

    Does anyone know anything about these gators? Hopefully this is the right section. Thanks !! Edit :: I guess it was against policy .. I didnt list a link or pictures. Please delete this thread. Thanks!!
  3. drivebymashing

    1985 m998 glow plug possibly?

    I had a smart start box fry recently beucase it was full of water from previous owner. I installed new glow plugs new kascar grounding harness and new used smart box. I threaded connector on smart box and nothing happened when i turned key on. So i checked connections The connector was a little...
  4. drivebymashing

    Humvee 2 piece run flat installation?

    I've read a ton of posts and watched videos on removing run flats. I have not seen anything on how to assemble . I know where the o ring and two pieces of wheel goes. Where does this go? Forgive me I was never in the military. I've never owned or worked on anything with a 2 piece wheel...
  5. drivebymashing

    Pickup needed In Lynn Alambama Humvee hood

    Transport needed from Lynn alabama 309 west main street to anywhere near western north carolina. Humvee hood not very heavy just kind of big. Thanks!! my number is 828-712-0639
  6. drivebymashing

    side by side military vehicle

    Behind the hummer. What are those? Im pretty sure i need one.
  7. drivebymashing

    M1101 Trailer tailgate cables

    I broke both of my cables pulling some lumber out of my m1101. I couldnt find any on ebay so oreillys had some that would work. Part number 38507 Made for a Ford f150 83-96. Might be a hair short but fit pretty nice.
  8. drivebymashing

    2005 Yamaha Rhino From Govplanet

    2005 Rhino 660 The engine was laying in the bed condition unknown. Turned out it had bad crank bearings, missing the cylinder head, intake, and a ton of other parts. I sent the engine off to be rebuilt. All is well with that part. Reinstall it and I have no brakes there is a hole intentionally...
  9. drivebymashing

    Help not sure what this trailer is.

    Im looking for specs on this trailer between fender width and bed length. Thanks I have searched. A sticky with a spreadsheet of trailer specs width lengths and all would be awesome. Thanks
  10. drivebymashing

    Sf97 6 weeks so far GOVplanet

    Does it normally take 6 weeks for a sf97? I cant get a tag without it....ughhh. Here in my fine state of NC I have to have a tag to pull it legally. This is Govplanet as of today they dont know how much longer.
  11. drivebymashing

    M105a2 From Fayetville to Ridgecrest NC Near Asheville

    MY 105a2 is in fayetville in a off base storage area. I attempted recovery last friday and my truck broke down. Can someone give me a reasonable rate on this? Its 250 miles from fayetville to Ridgecrest. I have a medium tow bar with 1 inch feet and all the pins I would trade for the job or cash...
  12. drivebymashing

    Empty m105 from fayetville nc Near fort bragg to Asheville

    Empty m105 from fayetville nc Near fort bragg to Asheville 5.17.16 Anyone need anything moved thats less than 1k pounds?
  13. drivebymashing

    Wife driving M35A2 Sorry for flipping the camera i didnt know it would do that. She was moving my M1101 with the newly installed front pintle.
  14. drivebymashing

    M1101 Recovery Warner Robins AFB

    Pulled with Ford Ranger Very easy lightweight trailer to tow. Towed about 320 miles. I'm going to use it for firewood. The pictures on Govplanet looks like the tires were aired up. With run flats they looked ok but they had 0 psi. I aired them to 13psi towed great!
  15. drivebymashing

    Tire tread life

    Any idea how many miles this tire has assuming highway propper air pressure unloaded miles? It was on it when i got the truck Its a m35a2. I dont drive this truck on any public roads. Just curious how much farther can it go before it pops. Its on the rear of the truck. Thanks
  16. drivebymashing

    M353 lunette height

    I towed a m105a2 behind a half ton chevy with a pintle height of 15 inches. It was pretty low. Would i be able to tow a m353 with around the same low pintle? I have searched and not much info on m353 compared to 105a2.
  17. drivebymashing

    Empty M1101 coming from Robins Georigia to Asheville NC

    Empty M1101 coming from AFB Robins Georgia April 12th To Asheville NC area. If you have anything small enough that will fit. Ill bring it in the trailer for a little fuel money.
  18. drivebymashing

    M105a2 From Camp Lejeune NC TO Near Ashville NC

    M105a2 From Camp Lejeune NC TO Near Ashville NC 828-712-0639.Bought this trailer on govplanet in Camp Lejeune needs to be picked up within 8 days.
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