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  1. jcollings

    MEP 007a

    This unit was at a work place. Delivered no fuel, oils. Drained etc. After oiling up, fueling, new batteries priming systems, tried to fire up. Not luck not even a burp or hint off starting. Techs cranked and cranked and more almost running all battery charge out. Fuel to injector pump and to...
  2. jcollings

    Hurricane season

    June 1st getting ready checking out the bank and load testing. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. jcollings

    Mep802a vs mep1030

    Looking for anyone's thoughts or opinions based on these two different units in terms of functionality and configuration and durability. Thank you, Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
  4. jcollings

    Remote fuel tank for mep802a

    Hi, I'm looking to add a remote fuel tank around 150 gallons. Any recommendations for how and what to use for the line connection? The tank is designed for a transfer type pump (all fittings on top) but I planned to pipe it directly to either the remote fuel pump or the main fuel line pump...
  5. jcollings

    Nato slave charger cable

    Finished my Nato slave jumper hookup for charger, working great.
  6. jcollings

    Battery chargers

    I have several battery chargers that I've used. NOCO Genius 2600, Batteryminder 24 volt, Batteryminder 12 volt, and Charging charger 10 amp 12 and 24 volt. opinions on what works best including battery desulfator. Thank you,
  7. jcollings

    Radiator cap pressure

    I can not run my truck for a week open radiator cap and it's still under a lot of pressure? Is this a normal Thank you,
  8. jcollings

    DCA4 Additive

    Want to add some dca4 fleetguard to bring the charge up on my truck. is it recommended to drop some gallons and then put back into the coolant reservoir or can I just pour the pint of dca4 in the coolant reservoir and let it mix for a maintenance charge. Thanks
  9. jcollings

    O-ring for 5 ton CTIS Schrader valve

    Trying to find part number for Oring for attachment of hose to schrader valve on CTIS system either square cut or regular? Thanks
  10. jcollings

    M923a2 air blow off abs

    1990 Is it better to buy a upgrade air (purest)model? Or just rebuild the original one. Thanks
  11. jcollings

    Factory M939 dome light location

    Did the m939 have a factory dome light location on it. I had purchased a factory dome light for Humvee supposedly for a m939 was wondering proper location Thanks
  12. jcollings

    Theft proofing a m939

    Any body have a good easy way to prevent people from steeling your truck?
  13. jcollings

    Battery terminal covers

    What does everybody use on a 939 series for battery terminal covers Factory OEM or some kind of modified. Thanks
  14. jcollings

    M923a2 cab floor

    I just pulled all my mats and insulation out of my cab to check my floor. Was surprised on how good the condition is, wondering what is the best top coat, undercoat or bedliner to cover the floor with and would anybody install mats or leave them out to keep the moisture down. Thanks
  15. jcollings

    solargizer battery charger 735x150

    solargizer battery charger 735x150 Has anyone used this and with what results for a maintaner??
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