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  1. PointnShoot4WD

    M561 from California to Georgia

    Anyone got recommendations for getting a GAMA Goat from Rancho Cucamomga to Augusta? Plan to self drive fell through and 4K seems a bit steep. Spock
  2. PointnShoot4WD

    M561 transport - California to Georgia

    Anyone got leads on a reasonable car carrier to transport a GAMA Goat from Rancho Cucamonga to Augusta? Spock
  3. PointnShoot4WD

    New country, new Goat

    Sooooo, I may have done something many would consider insane. No, not relocate to the US, although I have; I bought another M561. Pics to follow when I’m on a desktop. But more importantly, who lives on the route between LA and Augusta? Old girl is getting a solid service and trip prep, but...
  4. PointnShoot4WD

    Contact query - M561 Billings Montana

    I note a unit listed on CL, however I can't see any contact details, anyone know about this unit? Thanks Spock
  5. PointnShoot4WD

    GAMA Goat Transfer case wanted (2520-00-880-4100)

    As the title says, looking for a transfer case, NOS or rebuilt preferred, to swap into my machine with a possible chance of refurbing the existing as a spare. Anyone got any leads? Spock
  6. PointnShoot4WD

    Goat in tropical QLD

    Finally found, and pulled the trigger on, an M561 in Oz. working on getting it trucked up from southern pastures for my next R&R... Anyone know now where I might acquire tractor canvas from, hopefully before the wet season... Spock
  7. PointnShoot4WD

    M561 Abany NY to Charlotte NC

    Guys and gals, I'm hoping someone can help me solve a bugbear in my plans to ship a Goat to Australia, it seems my importer is having problems getting US domestic transport quotes for travel from NY to NC. Anyone got any recommendations or in a position to offer their services? Thanks Spock
  8. PointnShoot4WD

    Prototype Goat Walkaround Gallery

    Found this in my trollings I suspect it is the unit that Bill Jankowski (sp?) acquired. It has obviously been restored, a rather different beast to the M561 we are familiar with. Spock
  9. PointnShoot4WD

    Anyone know this rig?

    Following rig has turned up on Craigs List in Scio Portland; I have tried to contact through CL without success, does anyone know the rig or owner? Spock
  10. PointnShoot4WD

    Daily driver reliability

    I know a few of the guys here have put a few regular miles on their goats. Any comments on reliability as a daily driver? Would also appreciate an idea of fuel economy. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge you all make available for others to access. Spock
  11. PointnShoot4WD

    Purchased from civilian owner, no title no SF97

    Hoping for some guidance. I am nosing around for an MV outta the states as the particular model is rare as hens teeth in Oz. Problem is i am noticing quite a few are offroad/farm rigs only, with no title and often no SF97. Is it possible to get an SF97 if not the original purchaser from...
  12. PointnShoot4WD

    Gama Goat on Gearz

    As we don't get Gearz over here in Oz, did anyone get a copy of the season 4 episode 1 show on the Goat? Would love to see it, Gearz website only has a teaser. Spock
  13. PointnShoot4WD

    Goats looking for home in Germany

    Found this is one of my pointless search routines... Not likely to be my good luck, but somebody may benefit.. Spock
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