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  1. IsaLandr

    Summerfest Centralia WA July 4, 2019

    We will be there with our M923 again this year. Looking forward to it!
  2. IsaLandr

    Summerfest Centralia WA July 4, 2018

    I got the missus making up a big bowl of her awesome pasta salad for lunch. We'll be on hand with a few people to man the troop seats, too. Didn't get time to wash the truck, so it's a little mossy. Runs good though, and we'll dress it up a bit anyway.
  3. IsaLandr

    PNW Info Thread!

    Summerfest in Centralia WA on the 4th. Display in Borst Park in the morning, parade in the afternoon. Info thread below:
  4. IsaLandr

    Summerfest Centralia WA July 4, 2018

    We'll be there again this year. Truck is a little rough from the winter, but it'll be there. What can we bring to help out?
  5. IsaLandr

    4 JULY 2017 Summerfest Centralia, WA

    We'll bring Elizabeth's famous pasta salad. That seems to be a hit with most crowds.
  6. IsaLandr

    4 JULY 2017 Summerfest Centralia, WA

    We're in again this year with the 904 truck. Let us know what we can bring to contribute to lunch. Looking forward to this!
  7. IsaLandr

    Scale Model FEMTT

    I'm not sure anyone has posted about this already or not, but somebody (looks like in Germany) made a scale model of Soni's FEMTT. It's not 100% accurate, but it's pretty good. You can see some pictures of it here:
  8. IsaLandr

    4 July 2016 Centralia, WA Summerfest MV display

    Myself and the missus for sure, not sure on the rest. Last year it was just one extra, we were hoping for a full truck this year, five or six, but probably only three or four. As soon as I have a firm number, I'll let you know for sure. Also, let us know what we can bring to contribute to the...
  9. IsaLandr

    4 July 2016 Centralia, WA Summerfest MV display

    I'm a little late to this thread, but we'll be there with our M923 again this year.
  10. IsaLandr

    M1010 somebody talk me down

    Is that a full floater rear axle under there? It's hard to tell for sure in those pictures, but I don't see the bearing housing and axle caps sticking out from the rear axle. I've never seen a semi-float 8-lug axle before, so maybe the pictures are misleading. Did you look at both axles and...
  11. IsaLandr

    Lincoln Welders

    I'm not sure this counts as more than anecdotal evidence, but my high school metalworking and ag science department exclusively used US Army surplus Lincoln arc welders from the World War II era. They were obtained by the then-incumbent metalshop teacher (who was in his '60s at that time), and...
  12. IsaLandr

    Adding hydroboost brakes??

    I'm going to chime in here a bit and point out that air disc brakes have been the dominant standard in most of Western Europe since the early 1990s, and there is a vast body of supporting evidence to support their superiority in every possible aspect. I remember wishing I had them on my truck...
  13. IsaLandr

    M939 Air tank help

    For any vehicle driven daily, sure. For any vehicle driven regularly but not daily, then before every use. Or, for vehicles driven sparsely, performed at regularly scheduled maintenance and upkeep intervals, as well as before every use. However, I think I see where Artisan was going with this...
  14. IsaLandr

    Centralia WA 4 July 2015 - Display and Parade

    Sorry for the late reply. We had to make a last minute trip down to Portland this afternoon, didn't get back till just now. So no detailing or working on the truck for us. It'll have to make its appearance as-is. Thanks for the offer though. Looks like the Captain doesn't want to turn out for...
  15. IsaLandr

    Centralia WA 4 July 2015 - Display and Parade

    Pete, there will be three of us for sure in our M923, possibly four if we can get the Captain to come out in the heat. She's being somewhat recalcitrant about the whole thing, sadly. I need to rig up some kind of sunshade for the bed one of these days. But three of us are coming for sure. We're...
  16. IsaLandr

    Centralia WA 4 July 2015 - Display and Parade

    We'll be there with Biff again this year. We might even actually be on time to Borst Park this year, instead of late like last year. Hopefully with our resident retired Air Force Captain in tow this time. Can't wait to see everybody there again. It was a great time last year. +)
  17. IsaLandr

    PNW Info Thread!

    The truck 4 numbers off from Pete's is ours. Pete has the E908X truck, and we have the E904X truck. If Pete's went over, then it's a good bet ours did, too. Interesting information, good find, Pete! I think I've seen that truck off Bishop. Don't think I've seen anyone around it, either...
  18. IsaLandr

    M977 or M985?

    If you're going to get a HEMTT and want the most out of your truck, get the GMT variant of the M985. This is the "guided missile transporter" used by the Patriot batteries. It has a heavier crane with extended height and reach, with a greater load capacity, than the standard M985 or M977, on the...
  19. IsaLandr

    Dual circuit brake using pinion and wheel brakes.

    Yeah. Doing the conversion is expensive, to be sure. What's kind of silly is that, from a manufacturing perspective, discs are cheaper to produce and less costly to install in the first place than drums. But we're still doing drums anyway. If I had the money, I'd swap over to air discs without...
  20. IsaLandr

    Dual circuit brake using pinion and wheel brakes.

    Not to step on any toes, and certainly not to try to hijack the thread, but... Just about any medium and heavy truck manufacturer that deals in Europe will have these parts. They went to air discs as standard instead of drums DECADES ago. If somebody wanted to install an air-powered driveline...
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