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  1. saddamsnightmare

    M1028 & Rear Hitches

    Should be the same for a K10 or K 30 Chevrolet, but the bumpers usually were fairly similar to stock GM products, from what I remember....! Good Luck either way! Sincerely, Kyle F. McGrogan
  2. saddamsnightmare

    California Road Legal Title Crack-Down

    March 31st, 2020. I can't wait to see what these clowns will do to the EX Military vehicles that are direct clones from what were highway legal trucks (EG:CUCV, M*880 or in the case of what I'm looking for, ex USAF). If they pull the same stuff on those there will be a lot of other people's...
  3. saddamsnightmare

    Bantam crane and backhoe

    Wow! A cable controlled back hoe! Those were getting rare when I was a kid 50+ years ago! I'll bet they are a bear to keep in clutches! Cheers, Kyle
  4. saddamsnightmare

    cckw steering knuckle felt seal

    Try "Chicago Rawhide" if they are still in business. Just about any Bearings Incorporated should be able to help you out (if they're still in business)! Cheers, Kyle F. McGrogan
  5. saddamsnightmare

    Radiator Questions

    March 28th, 2020 Better luck to you. I had my Jeep Wrangler's radiator and coolant system cleaned (2006 model), and the tank had embrittled and broke from the cleaning. I'd take a traditional radiator any day. Look around your area and you might find a traditional radiator repair guy who can...
  6. saddamsnightmare

    radiator m35a2

    RAdiators are differnt and not rebuildable as they are "Bucket Tank" type. However when I needed a new radiator the McKivett's over Wat White Owl Parts had one in the crate, and I recovered about 1/2 my cost on scrap from the old one..... Cheers, Kyle.
  7. saddamsnightmare

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    MAryland during the Civil War east of Frederick was rarely thought of as "Yankee land". Howsoever that may be, it seems that the creeping virus of banning former MV's started with the HMMWV and many people's attempt to circumvent the "Off Road" on the EUC. Now we all have a dog in the fight, as...
  8. saddamsnightmare

    Under "new" vehicle build rules fr classic vehicles-pity we can't figure out a way!

    Lack of seat belts shoyuld be no issue. If the unit never had them, and most military trucks in the 1960's didn't you are good to go! IF it had them and they've been removed...Oh,Oh! But at least there are affordable replacements out there in the Auto Parts MArket!
  9. saddamsnightmare

    1941 K18-C GMC Recovered today

    January 11th, 2020 Ford Motor Company is one that kept its archives pretty much intact and has a historian, so I am told.
  10. saddamsnightmare

    Under "new" vehicle build rules fr classic vehicles-pity we can't figure out a way!

    December 29th, 2019 We Should bounce this one off of "Coldwarrior" as I am in Texas, and Texas historically had been favorable to military equipment registration in the past.....!
  11. saddamsnightmare

    Trailer towing an M35A2 on flatbed

    December 29th, 2019 My suggestions, Sir, is cough up the $$ and have it towed commercially by a competent, insured, commercial towing company. That way if anything untoward should occur, you are legally covered. If you try it on your own and the PD/or CHP gets you, you are done. If you have an...
  12. saddamsnightmare

    bolt size

    BAsed on some of the nuts on the old S404.114, mostly I used my tools for railroad locomotive and car repair, because some of the stuff was that large, or stuck with age. The hub center nuts on the wheels will drive your average mechanic nuts as they have never seen anything that large, nor do...
  13. saddamsnightmare

    use backhoe as a crane?

    December 4th, 2019 I might suggest get a civillian backhoe on hire large enough to lift your mill, as the Unimog front end loader and backhoe are limited in their power, and I would be worried about the axles and outriggers not being up to that weight. a Standard Unimog unloaded runs about...
  14. saddamsnightmare

    MV illegal on highway in Canada (Quebec)

    August 21st, 2019. So what is the problem? If you are driving on a Provincial Highway with a military vehicle that generally cannon exceed 50-55 MPH (roughly 80 KM/PH), you could present a safety hazard. Conventional S404.114 Unimogs start having problems above 60-65 KPH, and a Unimog of that...
  15. saddamsnightmare

    Rifle mount kits

    As above, on M35A2's the mounts are to the right of the transmission gear shift lever on most vehicles of that class. Mine had a mount with two racks or clips.
  16. saddamsnightmare

    things you dont want to see inside your hydrovac

    July 27th, 2019 At least you have no mice in your brake system. The mice in the brakes is very common on RR equipment if the brakeman leaves the end angle cocks open when cutting out a car (especially in a rural area).
  17. saddamsnightmare

    CUCV Snow Plow Trucks and Spreaders

    July 27th, 2019 When you rebuild your front busted driveshaft, get a machine shop to cut the shaft and substitute either 1 or 1-1/2 ton U joints. I did that with an 1989 Ford F250 HD and never had any problems with either the shafts or the U joints.
  18. saddamsnightmare

    hood numbers

    July 7th, 2019 And should you want to find it a new home, keep me in mind as I am looking for an ex USAF truck in good shape, M35A2, Step Van, PU or HMMWV! Good catch!:twisted:
  19. saddamsnightmare

    Towing a M105a2 w/ civilian Pick Up ?

    July 7th, 2019 If its a one way trip, be very cautious, use the right height hitch and plan your stops. If it's going to be a daily thing, I'd say not because your truck doesn't have the right (air) brake system. The lawyers will be waiting to eat your carcass in the case of a wreck. I would...
  20. saddamsnightmare

    save M715 original or making it practical ?

    June 8th, 2019 We had a stock M715 that took considerable abuse by then then owner, who could mess up an iron ball with a rubber mallet. Beyond the water pump failing due to the four belt pulley load on the front bearing, and minor carb issues, the only other thing of note was the owner blew a...
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