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  1. ssutton

    Ignition tumbler will not come out

    Hey guys, my tumbler finally got stuck and I couldn't turn the truck off with the key so I am in the middle of replacing it. I'm all the way down to removing the tumbler itself but there is no screw holding it into the steering column, the hole is just empty but the tumbler still won't come out...
  2. ssutton

    Lights go out when pressing brake pedal

    Hey guys, I tried searching through old posts and couldn't find anything similar to the issue I'm having. So my issue is when I first started the truck, the dash lights and head and tail lights all work but as soon as do anything that seems like it would draw more power, like press the brake...
  3. ssutton

    GM 8 vs HX35 turbo for boost control

    I currently have an old GM 4 on my 6.2 that is on it's last leg and I'm trying to decide which direction to go with my next turbo. I know I can easily mount up either an HX35 or GM 8 for cheap since all of the fab work is done and there is a custom downpipe available for the HX35. So my question...
  4. ssutton

    M1008 Won't Start - Clicks then tries to turn over but won't start

    So a day or so after I installed a lift on my 1985 m1008, I began to have this problem. I get in, turn the key and all I get is *click click click* over and over. I wait a little while, come back to try it again and the clicks are gone and it is slowly trying to turn over but it is sounds as if...
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