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  1. Elk1111

    M35A2 Fuel Related Issues

    Yes. You don’t need much pressure. 20-25 pounds. You just need to push the fuel up to the secondary filters. As Cattle said, it would be a good idea to clean the lines out first though. Once you get all of the air out of the lines by priming everything via pressure even a weak lift...
  2. Elk1111

    M35A2 Fuel Related Issues

    I was just thinking he was loosing prime between the primary and secondary filters maybe due to a weak lift pump. The air to the tank was to pressure the system and get any air pockets out of the lines. Have soldier B shut off the petcock as soon as you get a steady flow of fuel coming out...
  3. Elk1111

    M35A2 Fuel Related Issues

    Open the bleeder to the second set of filters and put some air to the fuel tank. Assuming nothing is clogged you should get fuel coming out of the petcock.
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