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    Well the receipts say 2012 I replaced the batteries as a pair. One of them died over the winter. The battery was still under replacement warranty so they replaced it (thanks tractor supply) for a no hassle resolution. So that leaves me in a debate with my understanding of the situation. The...
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    Rockwell axle with air brakes

    Well it is brake replacement time. Got ready to pull drum and it is hung on the shoes. I have the brake pods caged. Got the drum to move about an inch then no more. The drums are very worn with big groves visable. Anyway is there a trick to getting the shoes to draw in farther? Or just break out...
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    M-1009 transmission woe's

    All stock. This truck runs and drives good. But has a strange problem i just cannot get my head around. Ok so here is my discription of truck. Motor and trans are clean no or negledgable leaks. Changed transmission filter and fluid. Checked vacume hose to modulator no trans fluid there. Vacume...
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    Debate about M998 from other thread

    Ok we got in the middle of another thread. So this thread will hopfully inlighten me and maybe others. So far we have three posts on this subject.
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    DIY Bedliner stuff

    I am going to do a cab interior. Have narrowed it down to two choices in the DIY category. MagnaLiner Durabak Do you have any information- thoughts- experience - or opinions about this endeavor or the products selected?
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    Another starter thread

    Well i have been following all the other starter threads. Mine took a weird twist today. To start: 1> Mine burned up a starter. 2> I replaced it. It burned up the new starter solenoid, the relay and some wiring at 24volt firewall junctions. 3> Replaced the starter, the relay, repaired the...
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