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  1. moreorles2

    Brake and Clutch pedal "bumpers"

    Guys- anyone know of a source for PN 7520964-3 bumpers or NAPA type replacement part number for bumpers used to keep the brake and clutch pedals from banging on the floor boards when released on the M35A2's?
  2. moreorles2

    Memorial Day-2008

    :D I had the honor of participating as a volunteer in this Memorial Day's Moving Wall display in Center Ossipee, NH honoring not just the Vietnam Vets but all Vets. I had my M35A2C on display as my small way of saying thanks to all the Vets that did not come home and "Welcome Home"to those...
  3. moreorles2

    PTO question

    Guys- I did RTFM and cannot even find the part on the drawing. I have installed the PTO on the tranny and noticed that there appears to be a leak from this nipple/stud on the bottom of the PTO after a couple of weeks. There is no reason to put a drain plug on the PTO so I have no idea what it...
  4. moreorles2

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thank you all for your valuable input into keeping our Steel Soldiers on the road. We do have so much to be thankful for in America. Take a minute to view the following link and then go give your Deuce a hug....... 8)
  5. moreorles2

    Front axle air switch - again

    :?: Guys- I need some help again. My M35A2C has developed a drip from the front axle air switch on to the tranny hump that has me baffled. At first I thought that it must be oil from the oil pressure gage above the switch but it appears to be coming from the transfer switch itself. Since my...
  6. moreorles2

    Today's tale of woe and a question

    First- my heartfelt thanks for all the postings on duece operation and maintenance. Because of those postings I was able to troubleshoot my problem today. I took my M35A2C out for the first time this spring. It started up on the first crank and I let it warm up for 20 minutes before my trek. I...
  7. moreorles2

    M35A2C Fire extinguisher location

    :roll: Gentlemen, I need some historical perspective please In the dash-10 Op Manual the doctrine states that the fire extinguisher is mounted on the cab in the left rear. I have seen pictures from the desert where this was interpreted to be on the outside of the cab behind the driver. However...
  8. moreorles2

    PS Magazine

    I've had no problem in downloading the TM's but what is the secret to download a .pdf of the various PS Magazine articles? Working off of a laptop and being closer to 60 than 50- I need to download to have fonts large enough to read. Suggestions please...... Thanks
  9. moreorles2

    Be careful what you bid on

    WARBIRD INSTRUMENT SELLER HIT WITH $6 MILLION EPA BILL An Anaheim, California, pilot and owner of a business selling surplus instruments made from the 1940s through the 1980s has gotten a $6 million bill from the Environmental Protection Agency for cleanup of instruments using radium (once used...
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