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  1. SCSG-G4

    Larger Fuel Tank for an M923

    He said he got them from member 'deuceman'.
  2. SCSG-G4

    Aberdeen 2021 NOT at Aberdeen this year....

    Gone by there a couple of times, picking up stuff from Mechanicsburg. Was not far from there back in the early 70's, sitting on Lamb's Knoll for a week at a time.
  3. SCSG-G4

    Trouble with the 3k inverter

    The AC startup draw is more than the generator can handle with the other loads that are already on. Startup amperage/wattage is usually double what the 'running' amount is. For example, if you have a 3 KW generator, and the A/C draws 10 amps running, but 20 amps to start, and you are already...
  4. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Quarter of an inch should be fine. They are going on nuts that are much wider. 5 mm is about halfway between the two inch thicknesses you quoted.
  5. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Are there any trade schools near to you? If so, and they teach some machinist courses you might be able to talk to a teacher about fabricating a set of the wrenches using the drawings I posted. You have all the dimensions necessary for fabrication, you just need someone local to make them!
  6. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    If I had a second set, but i don't. See if there is someone who can come up with the fab using the drawings I posted.
  7. SCSG-G4

    M51 wheel stud sizes ?

    in that case, your guess is better than mine. Pictures and dimensions might be in order to help visualize your predicament.
  8. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Just so you don't have to guess the width of the handles, it is 25.6 mm (one inch).
  9. SCSG-G4

    M51 wheel stud sizes ?

    If it is GI, then the same studs and nuts fit everything from the WWII CCKW, through the M44 series deuces and 800 series five tons. The 2.5 ton's use six, the 5 tons use 10. If your wheels have been replaced and now have different studs, you will have to measure them.
  10. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Here are some measurements from my two deuce air compressor wrenches. See attached pictures.
  11. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Then add in shipping to 'down under' and the waterjet solution (and the critical specs for the inside dimensions) looks a lot better. I recently sent an 8 pound package to Poland and the shipping was $95 (it was a large package). When robomcduff needed some SAE impact sockets, it was actually...
  12. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    If you have access to a waterjet , you could cut out the two wrenches you need to quickly adjust the belt out of sheet steel. or you could buy them and wait for the post to get them to you > -...
  13. SCSG-G4

    Graves Mountain Rally (Virginia), Labor Day Weekend 2021

    download the form from the web site listed, fill it out and send your money in. - Or, start a conversation with Cabell (cgarbee) and he'll point you in the right direction. Hope to see you there!
  14. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Changing the compressor belt can be done without the wrenches, it's just a little more 'fiddly'. The compressor wheel is not a solid pulley, but rather two angled plates held together by the bolts. Step one, loosen the bolts so you can get the old belt off, step 2, put the new belt on, step 3...
  15. SCSG-G4

    weight of 9x20 tire and wheel

    175 pounds, plus or minus a few. I've had them on scales.
  16. SCSG-G4

    Need a manual! Can anyone tell me where to look? aircraft carrier mobile generator a/s37a-3

    Motor Generator application comes to mind, the reverse of what we had in our old computer room. There we had a three phase 60 cycle motor spinning a 400 cycle generator to product the electricity for an IBM mainframe. It was in it's own 10 x 15 foot room and i'm pretty sure it was direct drive.
  17. SCSG-G4

    Road diesel lubricity additive

    To thin the motor oil so it is about the same consistency of diesel or JP-8.
  18. SCSG-G4

    Can anyone give a positive id on these rotors / stators

    Probably a subcontractor that deals with electrical parts, have you looked up the FSCM or CAGE Code?
  19. SCSG-G4

    Road diesel lubricity additive

    Several years ago there was a group buy of HH's from China. Several people installed them and have not reported any problems. People on SS bought about 20 and they were $350-400 each. Maybe it's time for another group buy.
  20. SCSG-G4

    Road diesel lubricity additive

    We use Opti-lube, one gallon will treat 600 gallons of fuel. There is at least one thread here on lubricity additives, and Opti-Lube came in second (first in aftermarket OTC products). YMMV.
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