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    Need parts source for 2 things

    The bypass hose is a Gates 22276
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    ?M275A2 Trailer?

    Is that trailer long enough to haul a deuce? Looks a little short. Any idea on the capacity?
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    MT-500 Harley follows me home

    The MT-500 is fun to ride. I have one as well with 500 miles on the odometer. I don't ride it enough so if anyone is interested in it PM me. It deserves to ridden more.
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    Empty trailer Wis. to New Mexico

    It's ex-FD truck. It does run but needs batteries and the air tanks have pin-holes.
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    Empty trailer Wis. to New Mexico

    I have a GSA M45A2 530C buried in a snow drift in McKinley, MN. that I need to get to Houston. Any chance you might be able to help get it closer to me than McKinley?
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    Westy's NUTs are off ....the 5ton that

    Every man should have a geared lug wench.
  7. K

    TX deuce(s) recovery

    I think I hear a road trip calling...
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    MEP002A... power to the starter????

    When my MEP-002 just clicked in the START position it was because the starter was burned up.
  9. K

    Deuce pick up GSA lot San antonio

    Carl Prewitt is on the way down but not on your return route.
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    M114, Barrett,Tannerite and a Dodge

    Pumpkins were fun. But the exploding car might attract Barney Fife's attention.
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    M101A2 spring shackle

    My m101a2 has a broken spring shackle. Anyone know where I can get a spring shackle, new or used.
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    Towing M105 behind Jeep Wrangler

    Look closer. That strap is wrapped around a 4x4. Not exactly proper tie-down procedure. Also, in the original thread you could see that the straps didn't secure the truck properly and that it likely slid back on the trailer causing the trailer to sway uncontrollably leading to the accident...
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    Towing M105 behind Jeep Wrangler

    You haven't seen the rest of the pics. The trailer is resting on top of the truck. This thread is sad in that the OP doesn't want to listen to the good advise he is getting. All brake modifications aside, the M105 trailer is too large/heavy to be pulled by a vehicle as small as the...
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    Cold Weather Steering Problems

    How about John Deere cornhead grease. Not sure what it does at 40 below but some M715 guys have used it on their trucks instead of the normal grease.
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    Nashville to OK or TX.

    I have a set of m101 trailer sideboards to move from Nashville to Houston or Tulsa or I could meet somewhere in between. PM me if you think you can help.
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    Bare-knuckles wheel pulling...

    Just do the military vehicle registration. You are exempted from having the inspection which should really buffalo the neighborhood assoc nazis. Also, doesn't require you to display a tag. your hood numbers are your registration number.
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    Cold weather and Mep003

    And for the youngsters out there, the bulb in question is an old-fashioned incandescent bulb. Compact flourescent bulbs won't work since they don't make much heat. LED bulbs are even worse.
  18. K

    M725 carb??

    The easiest and probably only way to gain power for the stock 230 is to switch to a civilian 2 bbl carb. The 2 bbl manifolds aren't that difficult to find over here. It's harder to locate a holley 2bbl carb to fit. Another option is to replace the ignitor with a civilian distributor with...
  19. K

    M725 value?

    If you decide you don't want it, send me some pictures of it. I might have a place to store it.
  20. K

    M725 value?

    Restoration back to stock engine/trans or make it a driver with modern drive train. I likely have the parts you need if you want to go back to stock drivetrain.
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