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    PTO Removal Question

    I am planning to pull the PTO and hydraulic pump for the self-recovery winch off of my m1088. The TM says that you need to remove the driveshaft and one of the transmission cooler lines to do so. Has anyone removed the PTO without removing the driveshaft and or the transmission cooler line? I...
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    Air brake connections- Teflon paste or Teflon tape?

    I guess 565 is OK since Haldex approved it, but be aware that the TDS for both 565 and 567 say "This product is not normally recommended for use on plastics (particularly thermoplastic materials where stress cracking of the plastic could result). Users are recommended to confirm compatibility of...
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    HEMTT wheels on FMTV?

    Did you ever mount the HEMTT wheels on your FMTV? Where any modifications necessary? If so any tire rub issues and what size tires did you run? Anyone else have experience with this? Thanks
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    LMTV registration in California. BUYERS BEWARE

    Is the California DMV allowing FMTVs already registered as RVs to be grandfathered as an RV or are they going to force us to register them for parade use only (rendering our investments worthless)?
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    Manual hydraulic pump rebuild

    Newbie mistake here....I tried to attach a pdf earlier (no can do). I converted the document to a JPG but it lost the text that labels the parts in the process. Thanks Ronmar for letting me know the attachment failed. You can google "Installation and Service Manual Hydraulic Cab Tilt System"...
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    Manual hydraulic pump rebuild

    I rebuilt mine about 2 years ago due to leakage around the pump shaft, but it still pumped fine until it ran out of fluid. Being yours doesn't pump it could be as simple as cleaning it up since the ball bearing check valves have to be clean to seal. All I did was replace o rings using a...
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