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  1. muthkw25

    24v federal siren LTB

    Interested in a working 24v federal siren to put on my m35a2. Anyone willing to split ways with a siren I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. muthkw25

    Internet hotspot in m109a3

    I am looking at options for internet in my m109a3. Once doors are close currently there's no communication with outside world. Does any one have any internet setups on their trucks?
  3. muthkw25

    Alternative radio mount solutions for m35a2

    Im wondering if anyone has mounted the radio in an alternative location other than under the seat on the passenger side of the m35a2. I have two spring seats in my m109a3 and I would like to mount a rt524 between the seats if possible. I'm considering building a mount but wonder if the 939...
  4. muthkw25

    My 1971 Am General m109a3 RV build

    I have made the plunge and purchased a m109a3 to restore and turn into an RV. Last fall at the Gilbert Military vehicle show, I spoke with John Tennis and he mentioned he had some vehicles for sale. I have spent alot of money at Johns tent at shows for the last two trucks and when he said he...
  5. muthkw25

    Rear hub hot after replacing and repack all wheel bearings and seals

    I just finished replacing all new rear axle seals, repacking the bearings, and cleaning up all the old grease. I replaced the cork piece which was not present when disassembling. I retorque to proper specs. After test driving the truck for about 45 mins, when stopping at the house that hub is...
  6. muthkw25

    Purpose of Synchronizing transfer on MEP-803a generator trailer

    I have a friend that just bought a Joint Electronics MEP-803a trailer with two MEP-803a generators mounted to the trailer. He doesn't know alot about the setup so I am trying to get some info on it. On the trailer, there are two large cables that go into a box that says synchronizing transfer...
  7. muthkw25

    My new camping build: m105a2 w/S-250 shelter

    Well last fall I decided to start a camping build out of my m105a2. I wanted a camper to pull behind my m35a2 when my father and I travel to militsry vehicle shows and for general camping outings. Camping in the deuce is fine but when it gets down to 30 degree weather or pouring rain it's nice...
  8. muthkw25

    Stone guards for LED headlights

    Does anyone have any photos of what the stone guards look like on the LED headlights from trucklite? I have been trying to find some photos but found it difficult. Any help would be appreciated it. I found a source for some but wanna see how they look before making the plunge.
  9. muthkw25

    20 Bolt Steel MRAP Rims offset

    I purchased 20 Bolt Steel MRAP rims for my M35a2. I have a few on the truck and noticed with the 1/2" adapter plate, the tire sticks just beyond the fender a little bit. Based on the photos others have of running the 12 bolt steel MRAPS, I noticed the 12 bolt rims stick inside the front...
  10. muthkw25

    Coolant Flow Direction for m813

    Does anyone know the direction of coolant flow for the 250 Cummins? I am trying to install a coolant filter and plum it in before the heater core on the truck. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. muthkw25

    It's been one year since we started this hobby...

    It has been about 1 year since my father and I caught the green fever and started this new hobby of owning military vehicles. After one year we have learned so much about not just our military truck, but other people's projects and other vehicles. I am still amazed at the wealth of knowledge...
  12. muthkw25

    I am Interested in Designing a M35A2 sweatshirt and would like input from SS Members

    Has anyone ever seen the Cummins sweatshirts or apparel people wear? Well I was thinking of doing something for the M35A2 or Multifuel Engines. I have been thinking about designing a sweatshirt for M35A2 enthusiasts. I want to make a black crewneck sweatshirt and use the Continential Motors...
  13. muthkw25

    6v92 Detroit Two Stroke in M35A2

    Anyone ever swapped out the LDT motor and repower the deuce with a detroit two stroke? I was looking at the option of using a 6v92 with a 10 Spd Fuller transmission. What I am wondering is if anyone knows what/how I would be able to maintain the 6x6 capability. I would need the proper...
  14. muthkw25

    Somethings not Right with the Deuce

    Today I tried starting the truck to run it. I do this once a week to keep everything in check. We have had a cold spell lately so I plugged the truck in over night to make sure it would start easier today. I got in the truck as usual and Pulled the stop cock out, turn on the accessory switch...
  15. muthkw25

    LED backup light and LED Rear Fog Light.

    Since June, my father and I have been restoring a M35A2. I have seen posts on here about people adding backup lights for visibility backing up at night. I decided to use LED lights for the better light quality and less draw on the alternator. I used a 27 Watt off road light from superbrightleds...
  16. muthkw25

    Fuel Pump Amperage in Tank

    I have spent the last 2 hours trying to find the TM manual about the tank fuel pump for an M35A2. I replaced the fuse in the pump a couple months ago when the pump stopped working. I checked it today and the pump was not working. I looked and the fuse looked like it was blown. I put another...
  17. muthkw25

    I saw in the latest Military Vehicle Magazine, a website called, I wondered if anyone has been to the facility and driven any of the tanks/or vehicles and the experience they had with it. I was thinking about doing this for my father for Christmas.
  18. muthkw25

    4th Gear Grinds while downshifting

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to diagnose the concern with my transmission and wondered if someone can help shed light on the matter. When I am shifting up through the gears from 1st through 5th, there is no grinding. Very smooth. But if I am in 5th gear and want to downshift to 4th, there is...
  19. muthkw25

    Opti Lube XPD and Oil Fortifier. Are they a measurable difference? We will find out

    Hi everyone, I just purchased some Opti-Lube XPD and Oil Fortifier and I am going to run it in my M35A2 and see how much of a difference it makes over the course of a new tank full of Diesel and a new oil change tomorrow. The Opti-Lube was rated second highest in a ULSD study and people have...
  20. muthkw25

    M105 will not pass inspection

    I own a 1968 M105A1. I went to the inspection station and everything on the trailer works. The breaks work, lights, etc. But the gentlemen that handles inspections said in order for the trailer to pass, It needs to have a breakaway. I proceeded to tell him that this trailer did not come with...
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