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  1. mdlbldrmatt135

    MEP-026 genset float solution?

    My MEP-016A has a brass float. all the Carbs that came on my 1a08 & 2a016 engines are foam. I've had good luck coating them with model airplane dope (getting very hard to find) and did try one in REDKOTE, but i have yet to install it and see if it works.
  2. mdlbldrmatt135

    4a032 rod length

    Now that it's warmed up, I can probably get to the shed where my spares are and measure one later this week.
  3. mdlbldrmatt135

    MEP-015a Carburetor help

    I have a drawing of the carb as well. it has other info on it though.
  4. mdlbldrmatt135

    MEP-015a Carburetor help

    Search "1a08 kit" on that fleabay auction site. there's a kit that claims to work with the carbs. I haven't bought one yet...
  5. mdlbldrmatt135

    MEP-015a Carburetor help

    these carbs were considered a "toss" item. (it's the same carb as the MEP-016a/c) as it was used on all of the 1A08 / 2A016 and 4A032 engines. Most of the floatsd are foam and can be coated with model airplane dope or RedKote, to help seal them against swelling from the modern gas.
  6. mdlbldrmatt135

    4a032 12 volt starters

    That carb is for the 2a042 & 4a084 engines, not the 1a08/2a016/4a032 family.......
  7. mdlbldrmatt135

    Mep 016A still kicking

    I've got a 2a016 running with the float sealed. I used "aerogloss" I have one I need to try that I sealed with Redkote as well.
  8. mdlbldrmatt135

    4A032 and 2A016 float replacement or sealer?

    I've found that Aero Gloss Dope works...
  9. mdlbldrmatt135

    MEP-016A - Oil Question

    The Lube order calls for 15W-40.
  10. mdlbldrmatt135

    MEP-016a Issues - Manual no help.

    I finally got around to messing with the MEP-016a I bought like 8 years ago. She started after a bit of work (a cobbled fuel source because of a rotten line), She runs and generates power (at least from the convenience outlets) Issues: "Kill" switch is wired backwards or rotated 180 degrees...
  11. mdlbldrmatt135

    Google Chrome showing SS as a phishing site?

    I reported it to google as well......... UGH
  12. mdlbldrmatt135

    Need info on NSN

    The Starret one : 237M Steel Rule Depth Gage
  13. mdlbldrmatt135

    M88A2 Hercules APU

    M60 series... not the M1 series chassis............. Considering they've been in service since 1961............. The M88a1E! & M88A2 are upgrades to handle the M1 series..... but it's still the same Chassis.
  14. mdlbldrmatt135

    Question about GL auction posting rule

    The M887........ Even though it's not listed that way.........
  15. mdlbldrmatt135

    How have you civilized your MEP Generators?

    Does a propane conversion to my MEP-016A (soon to be a C) count??? That's about all I've done so far.
  16. mdlbldrmatt135

    Please Help Identify This Rear End

    BAE based on thew first P/n you posted JOINT ENGINEER RAPID RESPONSE VEHICLE 4X4 I Believe it's the "Cougar"
  17. mdlbldrmatt135

    Deuce owners in Western New York area

    I'm guessing you're not too far from the Airbase??? If so, I drove by yesterday taking my stepdaughteres to get updated military ID's.
  18. mdlbldrmatt135

    Marine Corps or Army M37?

    Ordnance Corps |
  19. mdlbldrmatt135

    Need pic of dials on mep-016a

    The TM has a OK one of the Output selector switch (far left) but not a good one of the Curret selector switch. I'm not gonna have a chance to post them till Monday But I can.
  20. mdlbldrmatt135

    Looking for MEP 26A 103 amp 28VDC unit

    Colemans lists them as well. you could also try Sam Winer motors.
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