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    "T/A Container Chassis" Gaston, SC to Monteagle, TN.

    Hey there, I am looking at some of these coming up for auction. Would love to get an idea of what transport would cost. I see that the GVWR is 57k. I also see them stacked three high in the auction photos. It would be super cool if three could be towed at once. So I reckon looking for a quote...
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    Another "what is this trailer" thread.

    Hey everybody, there have been some interesting trailers on GovSales recently, selling out of Arizona. I downloaded a couple of pictures of one, seems to be a prototype of some sort maybe? I like the size.
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    Any advantages to M105a2 over M1101/2 besides price?

    Hey guys, it would seem like I am a full on military trailer addict! Looking for number four. I see lots of M105s and M1101/2s headed for the auction block over the next couple of weeks. Looking at previous sales the 105s would seemingly be a bit cheaper. I see that they have about 240 pounds...
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    Anybody mounted a truck utility bed on an M353?

    Hey guys, as the thread title indicates, I'm interested in mounting a utility bed to an M353. I bought one at the GP sale a few days ago down in Georgia, and plan on picking it up next week. I have been looking at utility bodies on Craigslist and some look like they might fit. I won't buy one...
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