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  1. Russ Knight

    Why the ads?

    I thought if you were a paying member, you weren't subjected to the ads? There's a new one now, that creeps up from the bottom of the page.
  2. Russ Knight

    Bed Swap

    Anyone know if a 939 cargo bed will fit on the MTVR?
  3. Russ Knight

    A Few Questions

    Seems my rear axles are very noisy, especially when decelerating. Is this normal? Also, what temperatures should the hubs run after driving a bit? Last, what engine oil pressure and coolant temp is normal once the vehicle is warmed up to operating temp? Thank you.
  4. Russ Knight

    What is this?

    Mounted on the firewall. Maufacturer says it’s proprietary and can’t sell it to me?
  5. Russ Knight

    MTVR Skid Plate

    Need the center axle skid plate and bolts for a MTVR.
  6. Russ Knight

    Air Lockers Not Working

    The air lockers on my truck aren't working. You can here them clicking but they won't engage. Where should I start?
  7. Russ Knight

    Finding a Vendor

    It might be helpful to have a section where board members could go and see all the vendors, preferably with hyperlinks to click and connect.
  8. Russ Knight

    MK23 Gun Truck

    MK23 with weapons platform. Looking for a functioning semi-auto to mount .
  9. Russ Knight

    MRAP Brakes

    Our local Sheriff's Department has an MRAP, and the brakes will not release. They've contacted me because they know I have military stuff, and because we work with them on training missions from time to time. They are telling me the air pressure will only build to 118 psi. Where is the...
  10. Russ Knight

    Cargo Cover Bows

    Anyone know if 5 ton bows will fit the 7 ton?
  11. Russ Knight

    How well does AC in the MTVR work?

    Thinking of installing AC in my MTVR at some point after it's arrival. I have the Red Dot AC in my M925A2 and on those really hot summer days, it just doesn't do a lot to cool the cab down. It helps, but you'll never reach over to turn it down because it's getting too cool. So, question for...
  12. Russ Knight

    ECU Flash

    I've heard, don't know, maybe some of the more erudite scholars here will, that a MRAP will run about 80 mph. Can the MK23 be flashed to remove the speed limiter? Not that I want to go 80 mph, but for example having a little extra kick perhaps in a passing situation.
  13. Russ Knight

    MTVR Hydraulics

    Does the MTVR have a hydraulic pump, or can one be installed?
  14. Russ Knight

    Need stowage door for the MTVR

  15. Russ Knight

    Leaf Spring Modification

    Has anyone reduced the number of leaf springs on their 5 ton to help the ride? I don't use mine for hauling anything of significant weight.
  16. Russ Knight

    Globe GTTU202-30-20 T/A Equipment Trailer Wheel Swap

    I think I remember Wes telling me you can convert these trailers to dual wheels instead of the massive single wheel and tire setup. Is it possible, and if so does it work well? @simp5782
  17. Russ Knight

    Rifle Mount for the Five Ton

    What are folks using to secure AR-15 type weapons in 5 tons?
  18. Russ Knight

    Thanks Wes!

    Once again, Wes comes through for me. From delivering my 5 ton from St. Louis Missouri to Perry Florida, dropping in out of the blue one day and turning my fuel up, selling me some very nice 16:00/20 tires at a great price, to taking the time to help trouble shoot several issues. Thank you...
  19. Russ Knight

    Pinion Seal Replacement

    When changing the pinion seals on a 5 ton, is it as simple as removing the flange, nut, and old seal, then re-assembling? Thank you, Russ
  20. Russ Knight


    Have any of these been released yet?
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