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    Options for replacing air receiver on M35A3

    When I got my truck the wet air receiver had a bunch of gunk in the tank, I cleaned it out as best as I could and rebuilt the air dryer. My moisture problem is now fixed but I would like to replace the receiver as most of what I took out was rust. The tank appears to be a 7" diameter tank...
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    Help save Military Vehicles In Colorado (and elsewhere) sign the Petition

    Please sign the petition to save Military Vehicles in Colorado: (note that donations given to goes to buying more advertising of this petition on their platform.) Some of you have been following the changes on titling and registering Military vehicles in...
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    Shipping a hard top deuce cab from 47448 to 80007

    Looking for quotes to ship a hard top deuce cab from 47448 to 80007. I have a forklift to unload here, so business to business. approximately 6'x6'x6' and 500 lbs. Thank you,
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    What state law is the best for Former MV's?

    With the various changes of State Laws that have happened over the past decade, can someone recommend a state law that is very favorable to former military vehicles? I would like to present one of the existing state laws to Senators and Representatives in Colorado that are favorable to our...
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    Where to attach a recovery strap

    I'm used to smaller trucks where the advise is never to attach a recovery strap to a hitch to prevent stored energy in the strap from turning the broken hitch into a cannon ball. Now that winter is approaching I am looking at the Deuce and wondering what the preferred method is there? Is there...
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    Allison AT1545 failures

    I know I have seen plenty of failure threads on the 1545, are there any out there that haven't failed?
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    Recommendation on a good shop or mechanic in the Denver area

    I recently picked up a M35A3 and it needs some basic maintenance work. I usually do my own work but my job is going to be shipping me off to a site for 3 months. I would like to play with the truck this summer rather than work on it all summer (although I am sure there will be some work on it...
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    Options for more than 2:1 on T-136 transfercase

    I'm looking for a way to get a lower crawling gear under an M35A3. The best option I have so far is to try and adapt a crawler box like the Magnum Box or Black Box to the existing t-136. I will likely have to do new drive shafts and relocate the mount back a bit. My larger problem is mating...
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