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    HEMTT, well kind of

    I would shoot you and take that sweet truck home with me!!! Amazing job. Would love to see pictures of the inside of the cab and bed.
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    New Member in Michigan

    Welcome! My wife is from the west side.
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    Beware of Govplanet!

    I have picked up twice at Albany and both times they went way above and beyond.
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    Which military truck is the most capable? Good survival vehicle?

    I currently have the FJ's cousin, a 2005 Lexus GX 470. I can't say enough good things about it. It is based on the small international Land Cruiser and tows 7k pounds, is comfortable on the highway and since I've owned it has gone from 140k miles to 230k miles with almost no issues. I can sleep...
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    Nashville Floods

    I am in Columbia, a little south of Nashville. Snapped a couple of pictures this morning.
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    Quick hello

    Welcome! Waynesville is one of my favorite towns. I always like to hit up that little bakery on the main street after camping at Max Patch.
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    Tennessee Members, sign in.

    Welcome! Back before I had a child and was able to go camping I went to Roan Mountain fairly often. Pretty area you are in.
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    M116A3 - First Overland Trailer Build!

    Alright! You will love the Lexus. I have a 2005 GX470 with the same drivetrain and it tows my M116a3 without breaking a sweat. 235k miles and I would drive it across the country today.
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    Fun LMTV article on Four Wheeler's website today.

    Agreed, it is nice to see a simple, functional build that can be used for different tasks. I am currently looking for a non-MV work/play truck. Can't afford to have a different vehicle for every task!
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    New Purchase Globe 10 ton trailer

    Seems like a heck of a lot of trailer for $8500. Congratulations!
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    "T/A Container Chassis" Gaston, SC to Monteagle, TN.

    Gotcha, thanks again! This is really something I have no experience with but I think these trailers would be very useful to me once on the property.
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    "T/A Container Chassis" Gaston, SC to Monteagle, TN.

    Thanks Simp! So it sounds prudent to be prepared to have to put them on a flatbed, which would limit the load to two trailers, and require the trucker to haul the flatbed in each direction? I am worried transport will cost more than the trailers themselves.
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    "T/A Container Chassis" Gaston, SC to Monteagle, TN.

    Thanks Nick! Here is a link to the auction. There are several available.
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    "T/A Container Chassis" Gaston, SC to Monteagle, TN.

    Hey there, I am looking at some of these coming up for auction. Would love to get an idea of what transport would cost. I see that the GVWR is 57k. I also see them stacked three high in the auction photos. It would be super cool if three could be towed at once. So I reckon looking for a quote...
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    I just bought a 1985 Dually

    Congratulations! Where in Tennessee are you?
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    (Another) new guy from TN

    I grew up in the grassland area, and then leipers fork in high school and college. Live in Columbia now. I see a few military vehicles in the area.
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    (Another) new guy from TN

    Welcome! Where in Middle Tennessee?
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    Another "what is this trailer" thread.

    Unfortunately I didn't bid due to distance. The first round had about eight and then there were a couple of listings the following week. Forgot to mark as favorites so I could see price.
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    Another "what is this trailer" thread.

    Hey everybody, there have been some interesting trailers on GovSales recently, selling out of Arizona. I downloaded a couple of pictures of one, seems to be a prototype of some sort maybe? I like the size.
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