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  1. Russ Knight

    New Member from South Florida

    Welcome from North Florida! Where Floridians are still sane.
  2. Russ Knight

    Air Lockers Not Working

    I didn't have time to mess with them this weekend. I think the first order of business will be to determine if the solenoids are operating and sending air to the locker mechanisms. Once I determine that, I'll go from there. If they are getting air, the old MM oil trick will be applied.
  3. Russ Knight

    I have lights! (Convoy beacons)

    They look great!
  4. Russ Knight

    I have lights! (Convoy beacons)

    Watch for limbs…
  5. Russ Knight

    Air Lockers Not Working

    I'll monkey with them. Hopefully I can get them working.
  6. Russ Knight

    Air Lockers Not Working

    Only one axle indicator would light up before I learned to change the CTIS setting. I'll get my son to help me tomorrow and get under the truck and listen to see if I can hear them engage (or not) while he changes the setting.
  7. Russ Knight

    What is this?

    Re-plumbed it per your photo, ran air line to horn, wired it up, horn works now, no more air leak. Thank you for the help!
  8. Russ Knight

    Air Lockers Not Working

    Apparently, I have discovered, there is an interlock that will not allow the axles to all lock if the CTIS is in highway mode. In any other mode, all three of the axles lock, or at least the indicators on the dash say they are locking. So, if your CTIS is functional, set it to any setting other...
  9. Russ Knight

    TIM Module is not present or malfunctioned

    My TIM mysteriously started working on its own.
  10. Russ Knight

    (Was) on the road, no lights HET

    That dude has mucho denario.
  11. Russ Knight

    What trailers are appropriate for the 7 Ton?

    Pics or it didn’t happen! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Russ Knight

    What is this?

    That also explains why the solenoid valve is leaking. Air is being forced through the valve backwards,.
  13. Russ Knight

    What is this?

    Awesome! Thank you!!!
  14. Russ Knight

    Why the ads?

    It has stopped doing it now. It was a Government Planet ad.
  15. Russ Knight

    What is this?

    If it's normally closed, when you apply power, wouldn't it open? Maybe some of the MTVR gurus will respond and tell me what the thing does, if anything, other than send air to the fan clutch.
  16. Russ Knight

    What is this?

    Well, I replaced the old assembly with a brand new one. It does exactly the same thing the old one did. The one on the right leaks air from the cap on top of the solenoid. Upon inspection, I noticed it has an array of very small holes drilled in it. This is where the air is coming from. The one...
  17. Russ Knight

    Why the ads?

    I thought if you were a paying member, you weren't subjected to the ads? There's a new one now, that creeps up from the bottom of the page.
  18. Russ Knight

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Sweet! What did you pay for the kit? I've bid on a couple of them but felt like 600 was too much to pay.
  19. Russ Knight

    Oshkosh MK23 family of trucks parts

    Me too.
  20. Russ Knight

    Any professional HMMWV experts/companies near MCLB Albany?

    I highly recommend Wes for any of your hauling needs. He's delivered two trucks for me.
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