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  1. JCKnife

    New LED headlights alternating brights

    I just installed new LED headlights in my deuce. When I turn the switch on, one is on high-beams (both top and bottom of LEDs are lit up) and the other one is not. When I step on the brights switch, they SWAP--the one that was bright goes to regular and the one that was regular goes to brights...
  2. JCKnife

    Can the turn signal connector be re-wired?

    M35A2 turn signal connector, I have 2 but both in pretty rough shape. Can they be disassembled and re-wired? I don’t see how...
  3. JCKnife

    High oil pressure on a truck that has sat for a long time

    Took my Deuce out for a couple laps around the neighborhood today. Over the last 5 years, this truck has probably been on the road 2-3 times for a total of 45 minutes. So it sits a lot without running. Oil pressure has always been good but today I noticed it was high, looking above 90 on my 120...
  4. JCKnife

    M35A2 dash panel

    I have an extra dash panel among my spare parts, and I can't imagine ever needing it. Pickup in Louisville. Pics on request. It has a couple data tags on it, but they're not in the best shape. Otherwise nothing wrong with it that I'm aware of.
  5. JCKnife

    Anybody keep their Deuce outside with an RV Cover over it?

    Been thinking I'll likely try this soon, and was looking for recommendations for a good cover that is extremely durable and a good fit. Had mine in the garage for years but it only fits because the cab roof and mirrors are off. Hopefully will be putting it back together soon.
  6. JCKnife

    Anybody ever painted a VIC-1 system?

    I'm in the (very long) process of getting my deuce back to 24087 color and of course the VIC-1 system is CARC in modern 3-color camo green color. I'd like to paint it 24087 also. Looks like the important labels are etched / stamped / recessed in whatever way so if I just tape over the...
  7. JCKnife

    Mud flap extra piece?

    What is the purpose of the circled item? Was there once a larger mudflap that has torn off from this bracket? Hmm, images from Tapatalk disabled? Since when?
  8. JCKnife

    Door reassembly

    I've read the procedure in the TM 3 times now (9-2320-209-34-2-2) and nowhere does it mention the window seal that fits inside the top of the door, with the little clips that pop into the holes in the door. Does this seal go in BEFORE or AFTER the window glass is installed? Also, anyone have a...
  9. JCKnife

    Brake Light Switch Upgrade Question

  10. JCKnife

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

  11. JCKnife

    Solargizer vs. hood star

    As part of my restoration I've swapped hoods. I loved my Solargizer and got a new one off ebay. When locating the new one on the new hood, I thought "Sometimes when I park facing north, the cab shades the solargizer." so I located it further out on the hood a few inches, not right up against the...
  12. JCKnife

    Marine Huey

    Just got an e-mail from my local MVPA chapter, this huey is for sale. $175,000 NOT MINE and not an auction so I think this is OK to post? Contact info posted on Youtube vid is the same as current for-sale ad (although the youtube vid is over a year old)...
  13. JCKnife

    Lock iinstead of delete sold items in Classifieds?

    The site upgrade looks fantastic, thank you. I was just re-reading the rules as you had wanted, and it occurred to me to comment on something I've been wanting to for a while: when Classified ads are deleted after the item is sold, we lose a valuable piece of information: what did the item...
  14. JCKnife

    Google search snafu

    When using the Google Search offered in the toolbar at the top of the SS page, I get good results on pg 1. But if I try to click on to page 2 or beyond of those search results, I get... GoogleSorry... We're sorry... ... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To...
  15. JCKnife

    So wrong

    Site rules prevent me from linking to this vehicle for sale, but I believe sharing pics is ok...
  16. JCKnife

    If political discussion is not allowed, why are political ads accepted?

    If political discussion is not allowed, why are political ads accepted?
  17. JCKnife

    Painting outdoors

    I think most of us, when we paint MV's, have to do it outdoors. I'd like to see tips on optimal conditions and steps a painter can take to make the result the best it can be, in these limited conditions. Ideal temps? Time of day? Sun or shade? How important is humidity? Etc etc. Thanks.
  18. JCKnife

    Unknown bracket behind seat

    What is this for?
  19. JCKnife

    Windsheild hardware?

    A couple years ago bought a windshield kit from Ted's Trucks--both inner frames, new seals, etc. Just getting around to having glass installed in them. Found this hardware in the kit, not at all sure what it is. Doesn't look like anything in the windshields I removed from my truck. Ideas?
  20. JCKnife

    HF paint gun on sale now

    Everybody's favorite on sale w coupon.
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