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    Pulsetech battery reconditioning units ??

    Has anyone ever used one of their battery recondition units? They are a little pricey, but if I save myself from buying 6 batteries, I will be about even.
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    Monster Truck ATV Can Go Anywhere

    A friend of mine sent me this link. Pretty cool unit.
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    Switch Panel Installation

    I am looking to add some accessories to me Deuce (interior fans, dome light, flood lights for the bed, etc.). Has anyone installed a switch panel for these or similar add-ons? One I am looking at is 24 volt and has a few different amp fuses (5 to 25). I am looking for an illuminated panel to...
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    Inspection/Preview Camp Pendleton / Oceanside

    Anyone in the Camp Pendleton area that can assist with an inspection / preview? Thanks in advance Mark 052
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    Inspection/Preview assistance Sparta WI

    Anyone in the Sparta Wisconsin area that can assist with an inspection / preview of a deuce for me? PM if can help. Thanks iin advance.
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    Heater Install Question M35A2

    I am in the process of installing a heater for my deuce. I have a question about connections of the heater hose lines. I have looked at previous threads and cannot find exactly where to connect the input hose. There is a plug just behind the top radiator hose and three others just behind this...
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    Boarding Ladder for Deuce

    I am looking for a boarding ladder for a Deuce. Previous postings indicate that Saturn Surplus has them. I contacted them and they no longer have any in stock and do not have any idea when they may get additional ladders in stock. Does anyone know any other vendors that might have the...
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    Deuce oil leak Need HELP

    I just recently purchased a Deuce and have an oil leak where the engine and tranny bolt together. I have had the rear main seal replaced, but the leak comes back, usually worse than before. The mechanic I have working on it has tried fixing it twice, but we can't stop the leak. Any suggestions...
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