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  1. Jimc

    ammeter frequency and voltage gauges

    so it seems like these are always needed. brand new ones are extremely expensive. even used ones are a bit pricy for a 20-30 year old gauge that may or may not work. there are other gauges out there but then they dont match your panel or drop in. i have been working on actual digital drop in...
  2. Jimc

    another 003 done....finally

    so i have been working on my last 003. i finally got it done and running. thought i would share some pics. this one i did for a customer of mine. he saw my first one then said he had to have it. over the past few months both jerry and gimpy have supplied a bunch of parts to me for this thing and...
  3. Jimc

    gov linkage ends and other things

    here are a few items i designed and can make. i posted this up in classifieds but wanted to put it here so some of you guys know. stuff gets down the list real quick in the classified section and can be hard to find. i know the gov linkage ends can be hard to come by. the 003 i have here now i...
  4. Jimc

    new toy

    so a few months back triple jim had posted some pics of a couple things him and his kid made with their 3d printer. i've been wanting one for a long time so finally broke down, bought one and am trying to teach myself 3d modeling. thought i would share a familiar item i made up in cad and...
  5. Jimc

    surplus center distribution panel project

    quite awhile back i picked up two of those distribution panels that surplus center has for sale at about $8ea. i have been wanting to do something with at least one of them so i finally ordered up a few parts so i can put one to use if i ever have the need. i see some guys mount them to the...
  6. Jimc

    002 breather

    Just an unimportant question/observation....I notice the 002 has a crankcase ventilation system on it. A small canister with a hose that runs to the intake. I just find it strange that the 002 has this but the 003 does not. Anyone got any idea why?
  7. Jimc

    004 contactor trouble

    so a friend of a friend brought over an 004 for me to look at. he got it and said it wasnt making power. he took it to a generator shop and they couldnt fix it so he had nowhere else to go. i am not familiar with the 004 at all but i started this up and within 5 min tracked down the problem...
  8. Jimc

    002 teardown and rebuild

    ok guys i have finally got a chance to start the 002 project and you guys asked for another thread so here it is. so far this one seems to be going alot smoother than my 003 but ill document what i can. here is what i started out with. i bought this from one of our members here a few months...
  9. Jimc

    load, ammeter and black smoke questions

    so we had a real nice day today. fired up the 003 because i wanted to run it for a couple hours under a higher load and i really wanted to see what it could do at its max. gen is running 1ph 240v. i messed with it adding and removing loads from my shop. i first fired up my compressor and put...
  10. Jimc

    Busy weekend, new projects

    Well i spent the whole weekend driving in the truck picking up 2 new gen projects. Got an 002 yesterday and today an 003. Both private sales. So far i have managed to stay away from gl. The guy i bought the 002 from i think is a member here on ss. Not sure his name though.
  11. Jimc

    somethin cool to add to the mep

    this is nothing earth shattering but a cool little tweak. i found it a bit annoying i always have to run and get a screwdriver to open my control panel face. i wanted to keep the 1/4 turn style fasteners so i removed the mispec ones from the panel, took an 1/8" drill bit and drilled out the 2...
  12. Jimc

    new use for one of my toys...pretty cool!!

    so i went to napa and grabbed some gasket material. i laid out a mep-003a/002a valve cover gasket on the computer. i put the material in my vinyl cutter and set it up to do thick material and perfect cnc cut valve cover gaskets.
  13. Jimc

    shop tunes!

    just thought i would share a picture of the radio i am listening to while i am working on my generator.
  14. Jimc

    mep-003a teardown and refurb

    ok, i figured i would start a new thread on this. just to update, i picked up an 003 from someone privately selling. he managed to get the thing running but it didnt run well at all. i got to his place to pick it up, it was about 20 deg out and i saw him standing there with an ether can which...
  15. Jimc

    Noise suppression filters

    So what is the deal with these noise filters attached to the facet pumps? Are they needed? Has anyone removed them to see if there was any difference and if so what happened?
  16. Jimc

    Picking up my new to me 003

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I have been lurking for the past month while I was hunting down an 003. I finally found one and will be picking it up. It's already in good running condition but I'm sure ill have some questions for you guys. I used to work on these sets...
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