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  1. thmpr

    Divorced Transfer Install Question

    Need some quick input. Installing a NP205 divorced transfer in the Canadian Bug Out M152 and running into some floor clearance issues. Attached is a fast PDF drawing showing choices. Is it detrimental to the 205 to tilt it off access to keep the drive shafts and u-joints in-line similar to...
  2. thmpr

    Headlight area Rust - Patch Panels?

    Dreaded rust under the headlights. Any rust free fenders out there or patch panels? Tried to contact Charles @ mseriesrebuild who made patch panels in the past, but never got a response.
  3. thmpr

    Cowl Vent Gutter

    Need information on repairing a rusted and leaking cowl vent gutter on my M152. is this gutter a press fit to the cowl and removable or is it welded to the cowl? Even if it were press fit, it is probably rusted in place. Has anyone repaired their gutter in place? Fiberglass? Is a NOS or...
  4. thmpr

    Needed WC-56 rear fenders

    For a custom install on a different vehicle with dually rears, looking for a good pair of used or, if available, repop WC-56 wide rear fenders. If not WC-56, any other vehicle that has similar looking wide rear fenders with the rolled edge more closely resembling the front fenders? Do not like...
  5. thmpr

    Pioneer Tool Rack Size

    Can someone please post the dimensions of the Pioneer tool rack ... length, width, depth. Thinking of adding this to my M152 but can't find size info anywhere. Might not fit.
  6. thmpr

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    Been on this site for years waiting and waiting to pounce on the right M152 communications/command truck. Found an excellent condition, running, driving unit with less than 10,000 miles? in Denver, licensed and titled in Colorado. Bought it for, I believe, a song considering its condition...
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