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  1. Staffsargent


    Looking for a New Starter for a 6.2L
  2. Staffsargent

    Looking for complete wiring harness

    Looking for complete wiring harness for 1953 M34 Gasser.
  3. Staffsargent

    1952 M35 Gasser repair and build

    I am looking for a radiator, if you got a extra?
  4. Staffsargent

    What's your Deuces' name?

  5. Staffsargent


    Looking for a good Radiator for a Duece gasser
  6. Staffsargent

    M109 M35 Crane Truck TM's

    Thanks, Yes it is a M108
  7. Staffsargent

    1953 m108

    16 hrs, did everything. Used coal slag & sand.
  8. Staffsargent

    1953 m108

    Power washed and sandblasted a Crane truck
  9. Staffsargent

    M109 M35 Crane Truck TM's

    Looking for any TM's for this Truck.
  10. Staffsargent

    Put these on your MV's

  11. Staffsargent

    Parts Cross Ref. Civi Hummer
  12. Staffsargent

    Fuel filter#

    Anybody have Civilian Parts Cross-Referance #
  13. Staffsargent

    Looking for Ollie Davis

    Looking for Ollie Davis's phone #? I beleive he lives in NJ.
  14. Staffsargent

    *Annual REDBALL Military Transport Fall Rally & Swap Meet

    I'll be there late Friday and all day Saturday.
  15. Staffsargent

    Official 2015 Military Transport Association of NJ Show & Swap Meet 4/18-19

    Gee Randy, why don't you show a clip about a vendors?
  16. Staffsargent

    5T Dumps

    2 M52A2 dumps at EZ Auto Sales in New Ringgold, Pa. for sale Phone No. 570-943-2860. They were painted yellow.
  17. Staffsargent

    CUCV colors

    No it's no joke. That is what they told me.
  18. Staffsargent

    CUCV colors

    I am tring to insure my CUCV, but the Insurance Company is telling me that my CUCV is not the right color. I painted it CARC green. They are saying it should be camo. Does anybody have a picture of a CUCV that came out of GM with a cARC green paint job, so I can show my insurance company?
  19. Staffsargent

    Tobyhanna's 100th Anniversary Open House June 23rd.

    Just got back from the show. A total of a whole 22 MV's there! Had a great time! Great food! 5 Clubs showed up. CJMMP, Red Ball NY-Penn, MTA, N.H.. I'll post pics soon.
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