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  1. olly hondro

    M1078 Build: not a camper nor cargo truck....

    I have my own vision for the LMTV. Started a vlog about it. Vlog #1:
  2. olly hondro

    Ready to test the new configuration

    Bed removed, spare tire elevator removed, batteries relocated to behind the rear axle, air tanks & dryer top side, spare rearward, fuel tank outta the way. Lots of details.
  3. olly hondro

    rockin' it

    Making steady progress...
  4. olly hondro

    What did your FMTV do TO YOU today ?

    Mine made me pay for using the front tire as a scaffold. Banged up elbow + shoulder + ribs on the way down. Oooww. I'll be fine, back at it tomorrow, sore but wiser I reckon. Am pulling the spare tire rack and tool box, man, there is a bunch of stuff back under there that clearly needs...
  5. olly hondro

    M1078: un-build thread.

    Plan is being executed for the roll cage fab, may as well share how stuff comes apart then goes back together. A stripped out cab is en route to the fabricator (thank you, NV555). When the cage is finished, will swap the modified cab with mine. No need for me to wonder what to do with my...
  6. olly hondro

    LMTV-->Rally Truck clone/poser/wannabe build thread

    So what is most different, aesthetically, before and after? Enclosing the back, higher stance w/ the open tire tread pattern, paint of course, lotsa lights. **Update Dec 12, 2018** I have this same thread in three different places. To make it easier for me to maintain, the continuation will...
  7. olly hondro

    desire nicer riding LMTV when empty

    So I'll try the combination of lowering tire pressure to XCountry + ditch the giant rear sway bar. Will report results.
  8. olly hondro

    So I can use the CO2 tank as a backup air source ?

    It seems obvious, but since am new to this truck maybe not. I have a 20 lb CO2 cylinder that I use to inflate the CUCV Blazer tires and to run air tools on the trail. In the event of an LMTV air compressor failure (not unheard of) I could simply plumb that tank into the front emergency brake...
  9. olly hondro

    "lincoln" locker

    I'm sure there is plenty of opinion on the interweb about welding the rear diff closed. Do any of you have personal or anecdotal experience actually doing it? Consequences? I understand the tires will chirp, my Detroit locked Blazer does that and I kinda like it :)
  10. olly hondro

    I want a yeller CAT

    I really liked the 3116 in the 'A3 I used to own. It doesn't fit into the M1009, of course, but, not one to be confused with facts, I want one anyway. A professional trucker tells me this CAT variant is considered disposable since you can only get about half a million miles on it then cannot...
  11. olly hondro

    M1009 roll cage & rock slider build

    The other thread pretty much ran it's course, so am starting another with the mechanics of the roll cage build. I'm liking that it's a custom fit to my truck rather than a pre-fab one size fits all. Though I would certainly take that over nothing. Here is Day 1 progress. Its 1-3/4 inch by 0.120...
  12. olly hondro

    social pressure to install a cage....

    Friends & family, after seeing my videos, now want to ride with me. They say: "But you should install a rollcage." And they have no shortage of ideas of how to design it: "You need a crossbar here and a triangle there...." They have never built a cage in their life, but they are experts somehow...
  13. olly hondro

    M1009 trail rig

    Well, its part M1009 and part M1008. Seems to work OK.
  14. olly hondro

    run low tire pressure with the magnesium inserts

    Cut them down on the bandsaw, retains the double bead lock feature. I got these originally with the early,8 bolt wheels; transitioned them to the 12 bolt wheels with no issue.
  15. olly hondro

    Re-wiring the whole truck: enough is enough

    I am wiring the Blazer head to tail. Too many instances of a run of wire to a hand- crimped butt splice to another length of wire to a taped termination. Wires that go into a harness but don't come out. Connectors that don't connect to anything. For my application , reliability is King...
  16. olly hondro

    If I was an electron.....

    would I care if I completed my circuit through the chassis or the firewall mounted ground bus ?
  17. olly hondro

    rocky trail 1, limb risers 0

    So I attached steel cables from the top of the cab to the grill guard. There is sufficient flex body-to-frame that the cable mounts (eye bolts) broke the first trip out. The trail tells me I don't need limb risers, apparently.
  18. olly hondro

    The trail tells me what to remove

    Put the Blazer on a diet to compensate for the weight gain from D60 + 14BFF, locked both ends: Top, back seat, tailgate, pintle hitch, doors. Moved the batteries to behind the passenger seat on the floor (optimas x 2). Spare lies flat on the floor. Wheel wells cut using a M35A2 front fender as a...
  19. olly hondro

    Taking alternate line at Charleau Gap AZ

    I don't know, I think it worked out OK.
  20. olly hondro

    Blazer up the Chute at Three Feathers : need more droop

    At about 38 seconds can see the driver side front off the ground. That tire is not helping forward progress. The Rancho 9000 shocks have 8" travel: 5 up , 3 down. Need to adjust that.
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