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    804 won't turn over, new batteries, pump pulls prime, just a "click".

    Try taking a look at the wiring schematic and the part in question. I'm not that familiar with the 804 but most other sets have identifiers that help you determine what things are. See if it's got a K* label near it. Sounds like either you starter or glow plug relay.... if a yanmar turbo even...
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    Yes! it seems like most of the decent ones have almost dried up and the current auctions are mainly either beat down high hour units or neglected machines with parts missing, bad motors etc. HOWEVER.... people are still paying more than ever for some of these crappy looking units! All I can do...
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    MEP-802A Starts Intermittently

    Hey Kurt, I know you said you had fuel pressure but which pump do you have? I'm wondering if you have a fuel pump about to fail. I've seen once or twice where the pump would sound fine, but wasn't pumping fuel intermittently. I changed out the pump and problem went away. Maybe you could rig up a...
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    To charge a 24V system you need about 27-28V ( typically you need 13.6V per battery ) so I think you are in the ballpark. The only issue could be the speed of the fluctuation. Your alternator output could be swinging drastically rapidly ( often exaggerated when hot ) yet a digital volt meter...
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    Generator Repair & Troubleshooting - This forum is exceptional.

    Welcome.... You are dead on, Guyfang's persistent direction to read the TM as well as searching and reading the previous posts will pretty much solve any issues without fail. While we all enjoy helping members solve their problems, I think too often people don't bother to do any research first...
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    I need help with a fuel problem with a MEP 802A

    Normally the throttle lever should return all the way until it hits the stop screw. If the screw has never been fiddled with you might see red marking paint and possibly locking wire on them. The actual stopping of the motor is done by the IP's. So, a stop screw that is out of adjustment or an...
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    I need help with a fuel problem with a MEP 802A

    Do you have the hold down clamps on the pumps and just not locked down tight? If the clamps are not on at all, or they are too loose the pin and lever of the IP will hit the underside of the block ( above the rack ) and bind it up. If one cylinder is on the "Pump" lobe of the cam this condition...
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    Mep 002a issue

    Take a peek under the cover and let us know what is missing or broken. I probably have all the pieces of the S7 assembly, just let me know what else you are missing besides the broken spring tab in your picture and I'll take a look in my parts stash.
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    Need help with mep802

    I believe he said the emergency stop switch was working, however.... Did you check the DC circuit breaker?? It's inside the control cubicle, to the left of the AC select switch mounted to a bracket, it's right above the alternator charging fuse. See it has popped out.
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    Need water pump mounting plate gasket for MEP-802A

    That's a very good price for a real Cummins kit. The knock-off kits actually came down to $66 now!
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    I need help with a fuel problem with a MEP 802A

    Hello ECS, FYI, that's the metering pump you took apart, not an injector. I don't think there are any o-rings in the metering pumps, but not 100% positive. There might be an exploded view in the TM. Take a look at the spring down the bottom, make sure it isn't stuck in the compressed position...
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    MEP-002a or 003a injector rebuilder

    Got it, thanks LITD. Yes, Jamawieb I can do them, however I don't have any more needle / nozzle or gasket kits. I can adjust them and clean the ones that are salvagable, but sometimes it's better to replace the nozzle and pintle if they are really bad. Shoot me a PM and we can talk more.
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    Need water pump mounting plate gasket for MEP-802A

    I believe everything also comes in the complete gasket kits available for like $80 on ebay if you search by engine. Also, The preformed gaskets on the tube are just o-rings.
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    MEP 803a Engine Sludged Up

    If you decide to rebuild, carefully inspect everything remotely close to that bore, look up and check the bottom of the lifter / metering pump "ledge" to make sure it didn't get whacked by the bust rod. I've only seen 2 motors with broken rods and both had block damage in this area.
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    Mep004a filters

    The good news ( if I remember correctly ) is that the Wix 51004 oil filter doesn't come with the right square ring gasket for an 002/003 BUT, the 004, 005 and 006 use a different vertical canister which takes the wider flat 4 1/2" diameter gasket which comes with both Wix 51004 and the Fram...
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    Sync a MEP-803A and MEP-802A?

    Correct... and Correct... The syncronizer you are talking about allows you to get 2 like-size gen's phase synced, then at the flip of the switch the load is instantly disconnected from 1 machine and transferred to the other machine. You can not even have 2 like size machines sharing the load...
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    MEP-005 Fuel Injection Pump

    Thanks as always Guy... This machine drives me crazy. It looked like oil was dripping steady from that corner on the pan.... Went back later and started it up and no leak?? I see a little bit around the dipstick tube, so I guess I'll just keep an eye on it. Everything else seems pretty good...
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    MEP-803A won't start

    On the pump install, yes, the lever goes to the left, push the rack to the left ( if you removed all 4 pumps either by sticking a finger in one of the other holes or by holding the shutoff lever full counterclockwise. Put the pump in with the pin to the left and get it into the slot in the rack...
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    MEP-005 Fuel Injection Pump

    Well, not sure what I did but I threw the whole thing back together again, putting a pressure gage in the plugged port on the bottom of the vane pump end cap. Tried to test for pressure and noticed nothing on gage but after several attempts at cranking I heard a slight sputter to the engine...
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    MEP-005 Fuel Injection Pump

    Hello Guy, well.... decided to get back to fixing the 005 this week. I pulled off the IP and first found the inner shaft seal was folded over allowing fuel to leak into the oil pan. I went through the pump again and didn't really find anything out of order, so reassembled and installed it. I'm...
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