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  1. Dunkeye11

    53? Studebaker truck Rebuilt into multifuel

    Had my deuce for over a year it’s been a pretty dependable truck when I drove it been redoing the hubs and finding some aweful things from the previous owners “work” but also finally saw the frame serial number and it didn’t match my data plate. I was told by the kid I bought it from the the...
  2. Dunkeye11

    M35A2 wiring troubleshooting

    Upon installing my new 6TL batteries to replace my value power ones! I’m getting a short on the main positive power cable and it almost melted a new terminal off...... It’s the one that connects to the front harness. I started disconnecting things and testing it for resistance. I’m sure others...
  3. Dunkeye11

    A3 rims 395s what bead lock to use?

    So I’m really just starting reassembly of the a3s with 395s I put the A3 rubber 11 inch beadlock in the 395 tire and have the time in place cranking it down issue I’m having is it really isn’t seating as I think it should. Should I have stayed with the lmtv beadlock that are 10 inches? I’d...
  4. Dunkeye11

    New deuce owner

    so finally got a chance to clean up and go through parts of my truck I hadn’t before. The truck is kinda odd has its Tach bellow the dash etc previous owner told me it was a 50s truck converted to Multifuel but has 67 data tags My questions lay lay in the engine bay I’ll post pics when I get...
  5. Dunkeye11

    Hello from Virginia

    So I made an account here in 2012 I guess and never used it. I have an M151A2 plus trailer and I’m think I’m gonna buy an m939 series truck next weekend unless you guys can talk me out of it. currently active duty army aviation
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