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    M939 Traction Control?

    Hey guys, I’ve been considering attempting to install a Bendix traction control system on my A2. I drive in lots of conditions including ice and snow where lockers would actually hurt performance. With no air lockers available traction control seems like the next best option. We already have...
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    Nsn for frankentop part

    Is there an NSN for the speedo/tach mount on these? I'd love to move my speedometer and tach to a more visible location. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    M809 fan clutch conversion

    Hey all, Has anyone converted an M809 series from direct drive fan to an air clutch setup like the M939 series? I know the fans are different from M809 to M939 even though the NHC 250 engine is in both. Fan spacing is tight on the older trucks but it sure would be nice for the engine to warm...
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    Fiberglass hard top from Idaho Motor Pool

    Hello all, Has anyone purchased a fiberglass hard top from Idaho Motor Pool? I'm curious about quality and fitment. I can't find one in western Washington so it looks like I'll be making the trek to Idaho to get one. Just want to make sure I'm not headed there just to be disappointed...
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    16.00r20's from Northern CA to WA state

    Title says it all. 4 16.00's from northern California to western WA. PM me if your on this route. Thanks! Sent from my LG-M210 using Tapatalk
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    Deuce accident in Seattle today

    Was this one of you guys? Apparently someone crashed their deuce in to the court house. Sent from my LG-M210 using Tapatalk
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    Air gate for military dump trucks

    Has anyone converted the gate on there m817/m929 or any other variant of military dump from manual to air? While the manual gate works fine, an air is much more convenient for spreading or just dumping quickly. If anybody has, I'd love to see how you accomplished it. Sent from my LG-M210...
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    M809 series part ID

    What is this? Located under hood near the pcb. *I did look through the TMs but didn't find it. I'm chasing an electrical drain and also clearing space for my Hydromax install. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    800 series steering gear options

    The steering box in my M817 dump has seen better days and has about a half turn of play in it. Has anyone found a suitable replacement that bolts in? I haven't found much in the surplus market for a NOS unit and I have a feeling if I do find something it will be substantially overpriced from one...
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    Pics of broken transfer case

    Does anyone have pics of broken transfer cases? Do they always break in the same spot? Just curious as to the weakness because I use mine hard on the M931 with 16.00r20's and haven't had any issues.... yet. Lots of off road equipment recovery and hauling. I have a spare t-case though. A...
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    Kansas to Washington or near PNW

    Looking to get a 5 ton axle center chunk from Kansas to Washington state. Will easily fit in a pickup. Let me know if your headed to the west coast and we'll make it happen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Transfer case upgrade

    Has anyone looked at the Axletech T600 case as an upgrade option for the Rockwell T1138? I'm aware that there are a few differences, but the axletech case is a newer, modern design and appears to have better specs. I know the dimensions are also slightly different but I've never actually seen...
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    Empty tractor driving from Salt Lake to Tacoma

    I'll be picking up a tractor (New International ProStar) from Salt Lake City Utah and Driving back to Tacoma, Wa via Boise and Coeur d'alene. I can tow a 5th wheel or have deck space for larger/heavy items (260" wheel base day cab).
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    Any M929 owners in WA?

    I have a project coming up at the house that would benefit from the use of a 6x6 dump truck. I need to get about 50 yards of material down a hill that is just a loose gravel "road". I could probably get it done with my pickup and dump trailer but it would be much easier with the M929. If...
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    Aftermarket PTO/pump on Allison transmission

    I know that people have installed aftermarket (non surplus or take offs) PTOs on the M939 trucks with the allison transmission. My question is has anyone installed a PTO with the hydraulic pump mounted directly to it? It looks like a tight fit but I'm curious to see if anyone has done it...
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    NHC 250 part identification

    First, I looked in the TM and I'm not saying it isn't there, but I didn't find it. This is in the return line on the NHC 250 and I've never seen it on the older PT engines I've worked on. What is it and what's it's purpose? Thanks in advance
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    Post pics of your auxiliary lighting

    I'm looking for ideas on mounting my truck lite driving lights. I have 2 aux, 2 spot and 4 flood lights. I'm using 2 of the 4 floods as backup lights and 2 as side lighting. I'd like to use the 4 spots and aux lights on the front. Any ideas? Here is a pic of my backup lights
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    Local source for packard connectors

    Has anyone found an auto parts store or other local source for the packard connectors? If not, are there any affordable places to buy them in bulk online? Thanks
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    Tow bar feet modifications

    Would there be an issue with machining these down to fit a standard medium tow bar? I like the fact that they are 2 in 1.
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    Allison shifting problem, 3rd gear.

    I have bad luck with automatic trannys. One of my trucks, M923, has just developed (in the last 100ish miles) a strange shifting problem. When shifting into 3rd, it will rev up like it's going to neutral then it will shift into 3rd. It doesn't seem to happen when the tranny is cold or if my...
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