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    Parking brake handle relocation

    Well as the title said I'm thinking about relocating my parking brake handle from the left to right side of the drivers seat. For three reasons; access, not catching my pants on it, and the parking brake cable is in the way of my extra tool box and knuckle boom crane components. So the...
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    MRAP adapter plate dimensional drawing?

    As the title saids, does anybody have a dimensional drawing or blueprint for the MRAP to deuce adapter plates? I have M35a3 wheels on my deuce right now with 395's but I'm thinking of going to aluminum MRAP wheels for weight and style and since I have a CNC mill, I might as well machine the...
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    Decision on a knuckle boom crane.

    Well, to preface I have a 1969 M35a2c with a D turbo, air shift, hardtop ect. I'm going to convert is to a long bed 4x4, pulling the mid axle, deuce front springs with air bags. Currently its sits on power king 9-20's tires. But I have a set of MVT 395s on M35a3 wheels just waiting for me to...
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    3 groove crank pulley?

    I heard in some threads that possibly some Canadian deuces had 3 groove crank/harmonic balancers, (seems after looking around more its only a 3 groove pulley) I'm hoping to track one down for my deuce to run a dual v belt to the power steering pump. Does anybody know of any part numbers? Or...
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    Building a Long bed bobber

    Well its like the title says, I'm going to convert my M35a2c to a long bed bobber if that is the correct term or is it just a 4x4 conversion? I've seen a few pictures of trucks with the full size bed and the rear most axle staying about the same postion, cant seem to find any build threads...
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    M35a2 air compressor upgrades and air governor leaks?

    M35a2 air compressor upgrades Well its like the title says, I think/know my governor is leaking, and I need to upgrade the compressor for more volume. Why you ask, I have to run some air tools off road soon. If I'm lucky and find a engine powered compressor cheap soon I can avoid upgrading the...
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    Fuel filters or lack thereof and stalling.

    Well it friday I'll take the deuce for a spin, and stop by buddies and do some work on it. Put in some new fuel filters, top up the fluids, etc. in the nice shady barn, His nephew is interested in the truck so I let him help etc. So we putz around get it all back together swing by a flee...
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    Blew out transmission maybe

    Blew out transmission (yep blew it up) Well I just got my plate and registration so it time to drive this deuce for the first time!, and I'm going down the road I shift into forth and pop and I cant shift well I'm grinding gears! I think I must have not gotten it in gear, clutch etc I get over...
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    Need to move a M35a2 from Somerset to Pittsburgh 100miles

    Well I just won a M35a2 and will need to move it in Southwest Pennsylvania from Windber down near Somerset (zip 15936) to Ambridge north of Pittsburgh (Zip 15003) If anybody is available please PM me a quote. Thanks
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    Just joined the Deuce club!

    I have joined the Deuce club just won a M35a2c! :D More than I wanted to spend at $4100 but its much closer to me in Pittsburgh than any other deuce I've found. Now the hard part to get it back to my storage lot till I can get time to get it back in 24087 OD instead of this silly fire engine...
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