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  1. snowtrac nome

    fmtv winter front cover .

    I received my winterfront cover, I cant figure out how to install it, and cant find any references in the tm about it. Any one got any pics of one installed, -30 is coming in a couple days and I don't want to be fiddeling around than trying to get it on.
  2. snowtrac nome

    door actuator

    I m looking for the lh inside door actuator fig 189 item 18, my improved door handle worked so good when the wind caught the door yanked me out I was hanging on it before the shaft broke.
  3. snowtrac nome

    forwarding some thing in kansas

    I have a bid in on a tent in Kansas would any one be able to pick it up for me and forward it to seattle.
  4. snowtrac nome

    starter problem

    My starter started acting up. It really acted and sounded like the old dodge starters on the 880's when the bendix started to fail. I inspected the flywheel its not cherry but not all that bad. Just a little wear so I ordered up a new starter drive. I found the ends of the pinion gear chewed...
  5. snowtrac nome

    Ham Radio Install in a FMTV

    here is some pics of my radio and speaker install on my lmv. I had lots of room overhead so I built a console over head to install the radio in still have to add the 2m ham and may add some switches to but tunes is a start. the only down side is the modern lcd screens are intended to be viewed...
  6. snowtrac nome

    Keyed ignition source

    Where have you all gone for a keyed 12 volt ignition source for radio power on your lmtv's. Just now getting around to installing my radio so I can listen to my country western music on the road.
  7. snowtrac nome

    3116 cold start with eather injection I wanted to put this up for those who wanted to know how the 3116 starts cold. It was around 0 this morning which is still a little warm around here this time of the year, but this is a cold start 15 w40 and no block heater just the...
  8. snowtrac nome

    1078 lmtv at work

    I don't normally have time or personnel to take pics but here are some from this summer first is the truck in seattle the fifth is the truck arriving on the barge. second is my kid fishing with his catch 3 and 4 are a recent job replacing an idler on a hydraulic excavator and 6 is working on...
  9. snowtrac nome

    fmtv comercial trailer plug

    my lmtv has been a dream since it has arrived, I'm however waiting for local law enforcement to jump up and down about lighting. the 10 man shows the 6 pin plug as a commercial 12 volt trailer plug I only have the marker light pin hot I searched a bit today looking for schematic on it but...
  10. snowtrac nome

    gen set moved from wisconson to seattle

    I have a customer interested in the hundred k gen set for sale on the forums the shipping through normal channels is going to be a deal breaker, is there any one planning a trip cross country who would like to subsidize the trip with some freight.
  11. snowtrac nome

    my truck is on the move

    my truck is on the move now last check showed it half way between Seward and Seattle. will spend a few days loading cargo in seward than on to Nome. I stuck a pic of the service box that was mounted in Seattle. the crane didn't make it on this trip it will have to come on another boat, but this...
  12. snowtrac nome

    which mrap model uses a 6.7 cummins

    working on a couple of engines being used for hydraulic pumps they are 6.7 military standard engines for a mrap wondering which model uses these I have some electrical issues to work through.
  13. snowtrac nome

    cucv fuel filter housing

    does any one know where I can get a cucv fuel filter housing. I have need for one and surprisingly enough I saw nothing on e bay.
  14. snowtrac nome

    fn tv service truck

    got word today my upfitter called said the service body was mounted seems it centered over the rear wheels pretty good. now I need a crane and get it here so the Lincoln sa 200 can fill the gap between the cab and box. don't forget some more 383 green and semi flat clear to make it all one color...
  15. snowtrac nome

    Fmtv 3116 info

    I talked with my local cat guy today about the over the road 3116 engines. A word of caution he gave me was trash the fuel filter with the rubber plunger on it. He suggested a Racor 6 micron filter,or a cat filter off a c-7 with after treatment. the most problems with the 3116 engines is air...
  16. snowtrac nome

    picking up the new a-0 lmtv

    here are some pics from seattle met with Justin from Gov plannet, he was a great help. got me fixed up with a few spare parts from some units headed for the crusher. found the problem with the no start was the relay box under the dash had been cannablized popped another one in and it cranked...
  17. snowtrac nome

    looking for lsac seats

    any one seen the seats used in the lsac cabs for sale In Iraq I hated them heavy doors but I could fall asleep in the seats that came with the lsac kit. these are something I would love to add to my lmtv project.
  18. snowtrac nome

    new lmtv owner

    recently purchaced an lmtv from gov plannet I will be converting it to a mobile equipment service truck for use out here in bush Alaska I will keep up on the progress.
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