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  1. Recy Mech

    List your reason behind your MV

    Great read fella's. I guess it's all to do with when I was a younger man and had a ball in the army driving and recovering all sorts of A, B, & C class vehicles. And, I reckon the Deuce looks pretty cool.
  2. Recy Mech

    2012 louisana t shirts

    Yeah, I'll grab one from last year. If you've got any fatboy sizes left - XXL. I'll PM ya so I can do the PayXXX thingy. Cheers & Beers, :beer: Recy
  3. Recy Mech

    Successful Deuce Recovery

    Good read. A safe recovery is a good recovery :beer:Subscribed, cause I want to pick up some re-build project knowledge.
  4. Recy Mech

    My Wife Caught me Staring... At the Deuce..

    My rat cunning plan involves complying with the missus (next 12 months) of every one of her whims/desires/buying spree's so when I play the 'Deuce' card sure she'll scream and carry-on even with the sweetner deal of taking her to America. No doubt there'll be a lot of 'all vision and no sound'...
  5. Recy Mech

    My toys down~under...

    Gee, I'm having flashbacks of 1 Sig Regt when viewing pic #4 oztankboy. The days when it was in Ingleburn. :)
  6. Recy Mech

    Steel Soldiers emails and site issues

    Yeah, I got the 'weird' emails (x2), started to read 'em then trashed 'em. Did think WTF? Shrugged shoulders, and thought just another bit of crap brought to you by this internet thingy. Cheers for the feedback of how/why.
  7. Recy Mech

    My Wife Caught me Staring... At the Deuce..

    Great (humorous) Read Firstly, I'll add my compliments DeucesWild11 to a great looking Deuce, actually to all who posted........**** I'm jealous :cry: I enjoyed the read.....strange breed of cattle our wives/girlfriends....just don't get it.
  8. Recy Mech

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    Received an email from Tripp Jones of Memphis Equipment Well, like all things, everything is relative. So now it's just a case of saving up enough beer tickets and arranging for all the necessary paperwork/purchasing 'stuff'. No doubt it is not that difficult to...
  9. Recy Mech

    2012 louisana t shirts

    What's the go for us overseas kinda people ie Aussies? Postage costs and if possible can I direct bank into your account, sorta makes it easier. Cheers, Recy
  10. Recy Mech

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    Received a email from Dave from M35 For Sale. Deuces for Sale Turbo Diesel, Army Trucks, Logging, Heavy Trucks, Off-Road Big Trucks, Four Wheel Drive, Parts, Truck Parts, M35 parts, M35A2 parts, Deuce and a half parts, Reo parts, 5 ton parts, M900 parts, military vehicles...
  11. Recy Mech

    2012 louisana t shirts

    Put me down for 2 - XXL err........any chance of viewing the artwork?
  12. Recy Mech

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    101 Fd Wksp - 1st Sig Regt LAD
  13. Recy Mech

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    A email reply from Clinton Chitwood of C&C Equipment has advised me currently only selling to the US. Although, I believe he might just need further assurrance that all the necessary paperwork and vehicle specifications required by Australian authorities are in order, and the vehicle is...
  14. Recy Mech

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    Export Sales Just had a reply from Mark Riddle of 100dollarman, and he has informed me that he no longer doing anymore trucks.
  15. Recy Mech

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    Just thought I'd commence a bit of a research tool for anyone in Oz who's thinking about importing a US military vehicle into Australia. The journey that I'm undertaking is dealing with a M35A2, so all information regarding that type of vehicle will be posted here, although, you can put any...
  16. Recy Mech

    deuce hyd power steering

    Yep, me too - subscribed.
  17. Recy Mech

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    G'day HanksDeuce, just a query regarding the space measurement. I'm sorta leaning towards doing the 'bob' job and this distance I was wondering would it be about the same if I wanted to mount the spare wheel there? I ask this as I still don't a 'toy' to play with :cry: I'm thinking I wouldn't...
  18. Recy Mech

    Latest bob project gets new CARC

    Subscribed [thumbzup]
  19. Recy Mech

    My M35A2 Project aka Big Betty

    I dunno which is the better looking vehicle :lol: The heart says Betty, the head says the Chevelle. Pffffffft, what has my head ever done for me that's right. The Deuce (Betty) wins all the time. [thumbzup]
  20. Recy Mech

    My M35A2 Project aka Big Betty

    Another fantastic thread - read it all. Always great reading someones story from ab initio about the Deuce. I too want to have a story to tell. At the moment it's reading threads such as yours TMNT, and not wanting to sound too much like w*nk gives me some inspiration. Realistically, I've got...
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