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  1. bigugh20

    Up Flow WMO Processor

    Well I drew the lucky straw and got to stand fire watch over the holiday. Other than roving around every couple of hours and monitoring several cameras and other displays, there isn't anything going on. No one else around. That left a whole lot of time to surf the net for WMO processing ideas...
  2. bigugh20

    Ideas on a Pvt. Pyle wiring job?

    Well riddle me this batman. I had a wire coming up from under the bed, looped over the side and welded to the bed floor. On top of the bed was a crimp on lug bolted down with the wire cut off. An obvious attempt had been made to get an adequate ground for whatever they were trying. Now I trace...
  3. bigugh20

    Headed up 95 from Charleston, SC

    This coming tuesday (7/12/11) I'll be heading up 95 from Charleston, SC to Emporia, VA then across HWY 58 to Chesapeake, VA. I'll be in my pickup truck, so if I can be of any assistance transporting anything let me know.
  4. bigugh20

    what is this?

    I ran across this picture and am wondering what the device sitting where the coolant heater normally resides is. I'm guessing that it's a fuel heater? Or possibly it's part of a duel ckt braking system? Thanks
  5. bigugh20

    What do you think?

    I've really been wanting a deuce for over a year now, but living in a HOA type situation it just didn't seem feasable. During this time I've been looking into other MV's such as a M37 or a M1008 that would be ok in the driveway. A week or so ago while driving to work I thought I saw a deuce...
  6. bigugh20

    How many R-2 crashtrucks still alive?

    As the title says, "how many R-2 crash-trucks are known to be still in existence? I know that the trucks are rare, but how rare? Thanks in advance for any feedback
  7. bigugh20

    What's that I see?

    So, I'm coming off of night shift this morning and I did one of those, "Did I just see what I thought I just saw?" things. I work at a steel mill and one of the satelite companies that does some of the bigger structural work for us has this white M123 sitting out back. Looks like they have it...
  8. bigugh20

    m715 spotted in SC

    Too rich for my wallet, but thought someone may be interested. This truck has been sitting for awhile now, so either the owner is in no hurry to sell or may be more willing to deal? If anyone needs additional pics pm me, it isn't too far from my house.
  9. bigugh20

    Dealers or salvage in NC and Va

    I'm visiting family in southern Va. (Chesapeake). I'm looking for a day trip, somewhere in the northern half of NC or in VA. Either an MV Dealer, or MV Salvage yard to go dig around in. My son and I have been looking at CUCV's very hard and I'm also very curious about how I would fit into an...
  10. bigugh20

    New guy in Charleston, SC

    I've been lurking here for a while now reading about and admiring all of your trucks. As soon as I get my current project completed I hope to purchase a MV of my own. In the mean while if anyone in the area needs an extra set of hands with there truck, by all means get in touch I'm not a...
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