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  1. DeucesWild11

    M35A2 Suddenly not starting

    Hey guys! So I searched through a few threads and didn't find one similar to mine. So here's the story, the other day I went to start up my deuce and it was turning over great but was taking a little while so I stopped as sometimes I do and then push the button again and she usually starts...
  2. DeucesWild11

    Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean?

    So as if the truck didn't look badass enough I decided on a small mod around the headlights. I made it out of 1/4" steel, nothing new just some stuff I had lying around. I mocked it up first with some cardboard so I could see if I liked the angle. Then cut it out and welded it on. What do ya...
  3. DeucesWild11

    Driveshaft Clanking Sound

    OK, I have figured out the hard part, where the sound is coming from. When I turn the driveshaft quickly by hand I get a clank sound where the inner tube of the driveshaft it tapping against the outer tube. Only happens in low speeds when starting off or going from forward to reverse. I assume...
  4. DeucesWild11

    Deuce'n Donuts

    Just a little fun on a Sat afternoon in the snow.. Thought you guys would enjoy..
  5. DeucesWild11

    Disaster Avoided Thanks to You Guys!

    So I finally got around to doing the overhaul on the front end. Someone here in one of my first threads, when I was having brake lockup issues, told me to check and re-build all the brake cylinders. It was always on my todo list but never really had the time. Finally after receiving Jatonka's...
  6. DeucesWild11

    OD Overspray Remover

    So I wanted to clean up the old data plates from back when the deuce was a firetruck. There was allot of overspray on them. I used a white compound first but that took too long and wound up being a little abrasive on the black parts of the data plate. I found some Mothers Aluminum Polish so I...
  7. DeucesWild11

    MEP-002 Fuel Line Replacement/Upgrade

    So I finally have my unit running well and noticed a leak in the hose going to the IP. I looked to see if there was somewhere I could buy one but no luck. I heard a hydraulic shop may be able to make one for ya but it was Sunday and God did not bless me with patience. Here is my workaround...
  8. DeucesWild11

    Deuce Artwork

    I wanted to share this with you guys. My dad has been carrying on a tradition of drawing a picture in my Birthday card every year with something that's been going on in my life. This past year it has been the Deuce and this was drawn in the card. I was totally blown away. He was a architect...
  9. DeucesWild11

    MEP-002 Cranks but won't Start

    Hello, so I finally got around to playing with my new to me MEP-002. I got two fresh new batteries, pulled the fuel tank to get re-lined. Then I cleaned the fuel strainer and replaced the two fuel filters. I also put in new rotella 15-40 with a new oil filter. I used a bucket of clean diesel...
  10. DeucesWild11

    Deuce Fuel Tank Cap Leaking

    I thought I would find an answer on this by searching but didn't find anything. Is it normal for some fuel to leak out around the fuel tank cap while driving? I have seen it on other deuces but it happens on mine every time I take her out. I tried adjusting the gasket and spring in the cap...
  11. DeucesWild11

    My First MEP-002 w/ASK & M200A1 trailer

    Well it's Christmas again for me! I just won this MEP-002 with the ASK and M200A1 trailer! I can't be happier so far as this was just what I was looking for and with the ASK (Acoustic Suppression Kit) and the Trailer it was only like $200 more then the other MEP-002's that were just auctioned...
  12. DeucesWild11

    I lost my Teeth! A Must See!

    So here it is a bad.. very bad differential.. I wanted to post separately so that more people could see and avoid what I have encountered. I hope the Mods don't scold me for starting a new thread, but I really wanted to show as many people as possible what I found when draining my differential...
  13. DeucesWild11

    Loud Bang between 1st gear and Reverse

    So this is new today. When going into reverse from 1st or another forward gear I am getting a loud bang sometimes a double bang sound. Where should I start looking? Once in gear it's fine, just switching into reverse and I get that bang. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  14. DeucesWild11

    Hood - Rubber Strip Replacement

    OK so I didn't see any posts on this and it was a quick and fairly easy install so I wanted to share it. I mainly wanted to share my tip for bending the pins so they don't fall out. I bought the kit from Saturn for around $12.50 for the kit, two rubber strips and all the pins that were a pain...
  15. DeucesWild11

    Great Deal on Civi Trailer Light Kit

    Northen tools has this set on sale right now for... $8.. originally $20, You can't even get a replacement light for that!!. I just got mine which I plan on adding to my M105 so if I need to move it with my Navigator I will have lights. It also comes with a License plate bracket and all the...
  16. DeucesWild11

    Deuce vs. Fiat 500

    Just some fun at the local car show. My friend just got a new Fiat 500 so we put it next to the deuce for some laughs.. enjoy..:)
  17. DeucesWild11

    Brake Light Switch Upgrade Question

    First let me apologize for starting another thread but I wasn't getting an answer putting this question on my original thread. Just want to confirm this looks OK to ya'all. OK, got the upgrade kit and.. uhh arggh mine of course looks and is set up different than most. Now my truck was a...
  18. DeucesWild11

    I just had to give it that extra 1/4 turn

    So I look under the truck to check things out just before I am going to take her to the car show for the first time.. So I see a small leak over by the airpack. So I turn the nut on the front about a 1/4 turn and OH SNAP!! broke right off.:oops::( I believe this is the stoplight switch? Can't...
  19. DeucesWild11

    My Wife Caught me Staring... At the Deuce..

    So I just finished straightening out my tie rod. Was bent and took the advise on another thread to turn the bend down and jack it up with a bottle jack. It worked great, the tires were out 3/4" now down to less than 1/8". Anyway, I was out in front looking at how the tires lined up now and...
  20. DeucesWild11

    Oily stuff coming out of Air Tanks..

    I have been getting used to draining the air tanks after I turn off the Deuce.. The last two times I noticed this oily stuff coming out. Yes that is the correct technical term. It smells like Aaaa.. uhh pond water.. Has no taste.. yeah did that. I recently rebuilt the MC and Airpack and was...
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