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  1. dronsen

    Help with dimensions please

    Hi Group- Can someone please help me by providing the height of the cargo floor from the ground on an MK23 or MK25? THANK YOU
  2. dronsen

    New MTVR Forum on SS

  3. dronsen

    MTVR TM's

    I haven't been able to find IETM's for MTVR's yet, however I did locate this training manual that I thought all of the new MTVR owners might get some value from. If anyone locates TM's, please share. Thanks
  4. dronsen

    Looking for MTV cargo bed in Houston, TX or close by?

    anyone out there have a cargo bed (I actually only need the flatbed part) for an MTV (6x6) - standard length (1083) or extended (1085 or 1086) will work... THANK YOU!
  5. dronsen

    A0 High Speed Gears - Speedometer Dip Switch Adjustment

    Does anyone know the proper dip switch sequence on the back of the A0 speedometer to adjust for high speed gears? Thanks
  6. dronsen

    M1079A1 Transmission Cooler

    Calling all M1079A1 owners... Does the M1079A1 have a transmission cooler? If so, is it a single fan or double? Part number would be most helpful...Thank you!
  7. dronsen

    New Aluminum FMTV wheels and tires on flea bay

    Anybody have experience with these?
  8. dronsen

    Looking for handheld controller for M1089 Wrecker crane...

    Anyone have any leads? Thank you!
  9. dronsen

    FMTV Shock Absorbers

    Has anyone sourced aftermarket front and rear shock absorbers for L/MTV's? Would you please post manufacturer and PN's? Thank you
  10. dronsen

    LMTV772 Contact Info

    Can anyone please provide LMTV772's email address or phone number by PM? Thank you!
  11. dronsen

    14R20 Tires On MTV

    Has anyone successfully mounted 14R20's (14.00R20) on a MTV? I'm pretty sure height won't be an issue but a little concerned about steer tires rubbing. Any input appreciated. Thanks
  12. dronsen

    HELP! Can't find MTV TM-9-2320-366-20-4 or TM-9-2320-366-20-5

    Just realized my library was missing these two need them and can't find anywhere. Can someone please provide a link to download? Thank you!!
  13. dronsen

    FMTV new purchase checklist - Looking for your input

    Hey there- Has anyone (everyone) put together a "new" vehicle maintenance/service/must do checklist for FMTV? I have one started but looking for more input based on owners' experiences. Not looking for the obvious (ie change fluids) - looking for the quirks specific to FMTV or military...
  14. dronsen

    Looking for USED (Bad) FMTV/LMTV Cab Air Bag

    Does anyone that's replaced their cab airbags have the old one? I think I've sourced new replacements for about 10% of going rate but I need a bag to take measurements from. Happy to share source once I confirm - we're all going to need them! Thanks
  15. dronsen

    Looking for FMTV CTIS Wheel Protectors

    Does anyone know where I can buy the CTIS wheel protectors? - P/N: 57K1996 / NSN 2540-01-489-5928 ("Rim Cover Parts Kit") Only 2 left on epay and I need 6. Thanks
  16. dronsen

    FMTV Door Handle Questions

    Hey there- I have two door handle questions related to NON-LVAD (air-drop) FMTV's: 1. Does anyone know if there is any rhyme or reason to when the door handles changed from lift up type to lift forward version? It is not from A0 to A1. 2. Does anyone know if there is are any aftermarket or...
  17. dronsen

    Recommended Shippers

    Greetings- I'd like to compile/share a list of trucking/transport companies that SS members have had excellent experiences with shipping their MV's. We're planning on purchasing several and would like feedback from the experts. Thanks! Dave
  18. dronsen

    To beadlock or run-flat or not to beadlock or run-flat...That is my question...

    Hopefully some of you can enlighten me (even more)...I've read a lot here about specific application of beadlocks and run-flats, how to install, etc., but I have not satisfied my lack of understanding as to when SS members choose to use or not use either. Assuming I purchase wheels with or...
  19. dronsen

    Help Identifying FMTV Aluminum Wheels

    Greetings- Can anyone tell me, definitively, if these are steel or aluminum FMTV wheels? (Yes, I can see rust on lug nuts - that does not mean steel wheels). THANK YOU!
  20. dronsen

    Help with Aluminum FMTV/LMTV Wheel

    I just purchased a set of aluminum wheels for MTV at auction. I read somewhere that I'll need new lug nuts but can't find the thread. Can someone please provide a part number (NAPA or similar) for aluminum wheel lug nuts? Thanks!
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