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  1. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    A few weeks back my power steering belt popped and must have tweaked the bracket holding the pump. Its been throwing belts ever since. I am getting ready to rip out the radiator to have access to the front of the motor to get accurate measurements to mount it inline again. I am looking for...
  2. crazywelder72

    Passanger Seat air ride

    I was wondering has anyone been able to modify the passenger bench seat to be a air-ride? Eventually i would like to upgrade the drivers seat but i would want to do something on the passenger side. I just don't want to loose the bench and have a single bucket on the passenger side.
  3. crazywelder72

    Cab floor mats

    I was wondering who has done what to the interiors on the floors to dampen the Sound,heat, or whatever...
  4. crazywelder72

    Flywheel resurfacing and Drive Shaft

    If anyone in the New England is looking for to have a shop for Axle, Drive Shaft, or Flywheel resurfacing work. Check out North Shore Axle & Machine in N. Reading MA 978-664-2300 and speak with Dave. He has a killer shop and he is one of us. He has a 67 5/4 ton Kaiser. He isn't on Steel...
  5. crazywelder72

    How many gallons per inch

    I just wondering if anyone has done the math to figure out how many gallons per inch these 50 gallon tanks are . The math is easy but i am not sure if the 50 gallons is where the "do not fill above this line" is or is it the total volume of the tank.
  6. crazywelder72

    looking for a video

    I remember a long time ago their was a video floating around the site that showed a yellow diesel truck that was stuck in a river hauling a trailer and he was able to drive the **** out of it and claw his way out. anyone have a link to it?
  7. crazywelder72

    Looking for a TM on airpack troubble shooting

    I am reading up on my airpack and inside TM-9-2320-209-34-2-1 it says to reference TM 9-2320-209-20. I cant seem to find that. anyhow, for what its worth. my brakes were stuck on. I bled just a small amount from the hydraulic line at the air pak bleeder. brakes released and brake light went...
  8. crazywelder72

    expensive lights

    I just don't understand how people can afford to pay $300 per light for the new 7" round LED headlights. I am sure they are awesome but I don't have $600 kicking around of disposable income for headlights. If anyone wants to donate a set to me, I wouldn't object.
  9. crazywelder72

    Relocating front axle 5" forward

    I know this sounds like a crazy idea and you may wonder why. Let me explain first then I am open to thoughts and Ideas. When whoever did the lift in my truck to accommodate the 53's seemed to overlook something. The rear of the front tires have almost no clearance to the rear of the front...
  10. crazywelder72

    Trany questions

    i am having trouble downshifting and i dont know ht. i have to coast don to about 15 mph before i can drop from 4th to 3rd or it will grind. any ideas?
  11. crazywelder72

    Best place to buy dot 5

    Who has the best price on Dot 5? Napa is $115 a gallon Autozone in small bottles is $110 a gallon TrueValue doesn't carry it Kmart doesn't carry it i just found a website Shop the Dude. a case of Blue magic $67 ($85 after shipping)
  12. crazywelder72

    Clutch slipping, can it be adjusted?

    About 2 days ago when I was going up a little hill in 4th gear, I noticed the rpm's started to shoot up a bit without noticing it pull any harder. As soon as I felt it I let off the pedal and everything was normal again. Was this a sign of the clutch slipping? It has happened a few times...
  13. crazywelder72

    My 2hr project (finished at midnight)

    About 5 years ago my childhood best friend gave me his original Hurst grip out of his old '68 Cuda. I never did anything with it as I always felt I needed to wait for the perfect project. Well it hit me today and I knocked it out tonight. I first had to remove the old line/lock switch and...
  14. crazywelder72

    Soccer moms LOOK OUT!!!

    This is how I bring my daughters to soccer.
  15. crazywelder72

    FDC bypassed and crankcase still floods with fuel

    I still have a problem. Someone mentioned if i have a broken injector this will still happen. Where is the best place to pick up a set of injectors?
  16. crazywelder72

    Replacement Fuel Guage

    I was wondering if anyone has replaced the stock fuel gauge with a non-military one? Besides 24 volts is there any specific important data that needs to be matched up to the sender? My gauge decided to take a long nap today... so i am looking for a new one. ebay had them $50-$60. I didnt know...
  17. crazywelder72

    Looking for metallurgist info.

    So after some thought and discussion about modifying the torsion bars, I think I need some advanced knowledge about metallurgy. I have been a welder for over 20 years working mostly in aerospace and medical equipment and have a lot of geeky knowledge but i don't know everything. My existing...
  18. crazywelder72

    Front main seal??? Bad Leak!!!

    I got some seal questions unfortunately. I think i just lost my front seal on my deuce less than one hr ago. Almost home (about one mile) and I smelled oil. I didn't see anything from the cab when I parked so I let the motor run for a few like supposed to to cool the turbo. When I got...
  19. crazywelder72

    Oil psi, sender, gauge?

    I noticed today that my gauge was barley over 0 today. After scratching my head for a second and tapping the gauge face, I shut off the power to see what the needle did. It dropped well below 0, turn on the power and back to where it was just above 0. Maybe I just need to change the oil and...
  20. crazywelder72

    ?? Starting of in 2nd gear??

    Ok, we all know I am new to this and i am not ashamed to admit it.:cookoo: I took the beast for my first real local check-out ride. I quickly remembered how quick 1st gear climbs and seems to not be necessary when empty on flat ground. It seemed to handle just fine pulling off from a stop...
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