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  1. Chief B

    Power Steering Gear Box

    I did a search and found a thread on rebuilding one, but is there an aftermarket replacement to get a new one?
  2. Chief B


    My wipers have always worked fine, but every since the last time I went off roading they just stopped working. I tested the wire at the switch and there is no power to it so my question is where exactly does this wire go? I tried checking the connections I could reach under the steering wheel.
  3. Chief B

    Engine Noise

    Not sure if y'all remember the noise mine started making when I was on the highway or not. Attached is a recording of it. Anyway, Upon starting to take it apart to see the culprit, I found a couple bent pushrods on the passenger side. From doing a little research, I see that keeping this at high...
  4. Chief B

    Loud Noise

    So I recently paid an ungodly amount to get this thing all fixed up and ready to go so that when I return I can actually drive it, but now that the maintenance has been done, it is making a loud noise that it was not making before. Wanted to see if anybody might have any idea as to what it might...
  5. Chief B

    Air Filter Question

    So I started working on my water pump today and while at it decided to check the air filter. I did not even get the filter out before I realized what I think may be signs of some kind of an issue. So I loosened the clamp and when I went to take the end plate off the filter holder, a red oil came...
  6. Chief B

    Water Pump Question

    So my son just went to take my HMMWV for a spin and water is spraying all over the place from the pulley attached to the water pump. Tried doing a search on here and on the internet, but cannot find for certain. Does anybody know what water pump this takes? It is a 1990 6.2L. Thank you Stan
  7. Chief B

    New from FL

    Greetings... I am Stan and I live in Pensacola, but currently reside in Djibouti Africa thanks to a deployment. My wife just bought me a 1990 M998 4 man conversion for when I return. Been reading a lot on this forum over the last couple months since she bought it, and am now taking the time...
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