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  1. EO2NMCB

    5 ton bed

    Looking for a m813 or m923 5 ton bed within a 400 mile radius of St. Louis, MO
  2. EO2NMCB

    M927 no start

    The truck has sat about 3 years, (Nhc250 , started right up) needing a water pump. Put the new water pump on all was good. While sitting idling it started acting like it was running out of fuel, plenty of fuel in the tank. Replaced the fuel filter and primed ,took it a while to start, it has...
  3. EO2NMCB

    Secondary side air leak

    Truck is a M927 non abs. I can hear air leaking from the air intake. When I depress the treadle valve the leak goes away. I've checked break cans, Q2 Valve, valve under the step on driver side, no leaks into the vent lines and PPV valve, service rear glad hand had no leak. What am I...
  4. EO2NMCB

    Determinining which is in system Dot 3 or Dot5 empty master cylinder

    M813 that came from GSA had working brakes, 6 mo later I move the truck and pedal goes to the floor. With the master cylinder now being empty how does one determine if it has DOT 3 or Dot 5 in the system? It had been a VFD truck, is it possible they received the truck before the Military...
  5. EO2NMCB

    Air compressor differance m939 vs m809

    Other than different part numbers what is the difference? Is a m939 air compressor backwards compatible? I've seen some listings say it only fits m939 truck, while others are listed as fitting both.
  6. EO2NMCB

    Pull tree with a winch?

    I have searched, seems some have had success and others not with using a winch to pull over trees. I have three that I want to pull or fall, so I can widen the driveway. My concern is power lines on the other side of the road, otherwise falling them would be no big deal. Largest of the three...
  7. EO2NMCB

    m816 Lube order question

    Was checking gear boxes today, is the seal case and bevel gear box connected? Where it would share geal oil.
  8. EO2NMCB

    m816 Declutching

    My rotochamber #9 was MIA when I bought truck, now have a replacement in hand. My question is the yoke off the clutch is 180 out, I pulled cotter pin and washer thought maybe it could go on correct or 180 out. I saw a nut and bolt on the shaft that the yoke rides on, can it be moved for...
  9. EO2NMCB

    855 air compressor putting oil into the air tanks.

    My question, how hard to rebuild the air compressor or am I better off just to replace it. Could not find much on a search.
  10. EO2NMCB

    m62 army video
  11. EO2NMCB

    M816 air lines

    My m816 is missing some air lines at the winch/wrecker controls at the rear of the truck. Fig 387 of the 34p-2 is not the best of where they run to. Does any one have any pic's of where of where the lines are running to?
  12. EO2NMCB

    m116a3 channel question

    This is on a USMC m116a3 trailer. I'm trying to find the same cannel to put on a m1101 that has no bed, to mount a mep002a on it. I have looked in the TM, not finding anything. Have searched for U or C channel online, closest I find is sign post. Any ideals?
  13. EO2NMCB

    M816 controls question

    Looking at a M816 but it is missing the control handle assembly but the hydraulic valves are there. I know some wrecker parts can be gold plated so my question is; any idea what a set of control handles would go for? Thanks, Charlie
  14. EO2NMCB

    xm1061 brake question?

    From the TM is this true? (3) The XM979 and XM1061 can be towed safely by a vehicle without airbrake connections through the use of the inertia brake system.
  15. EO2NMCB

    M939 battery relocation kit question

    My m931a1 came from a reset with the battery relocation kit installed. My question is when you use the steps to get in the truck on said box it has a bounce to the battery box. Is this normal? I can't find and loose nuts or bolts. Thanks Charlie
  16. EO2NMCB

    Bravo Zulu to CSM Davis

    Just wanted to say that he and his crew went above and beyond loading me out. They spent major time getting my bumper so that the missing shackles would bolt on for tie downs, After that MS heat had taken its toll on me. Even stopped traffic so I could get out. I can't say enough great things...
  17. EO2NMCB

    Going price on feild stoves?

    Yes DH i did search, found a good thread about the M1959 field stoves that was very useful. Did not find any info pertaining to going prices, thanks in advance.
  18. EO2NMCB

    Mep 002a comes home.

    Picked up yesterday from Rock Island, IL. GL rep there was great, had the set on the forklift ready to go when we got there. It was listed as scrap in last weeks sale, so it was a roll of the dice. Showing just under 1500 hrs. All fluids were drained, but today she fired to life on the first...
  19. EO2NMCB

    Mep 002, Mep003 vs civ genset?

    Been looking for a mep 002 or mep 003, bid 500.00 on a couple that were on m116 trailer in past gl auction. They went a little over 1k, both were missing the fuel tank. In searching the posts it seems that parts are hard to come by for the mil genset. That being said, wife says just buy a civ...
  20. EO2NMCB

    CUCV II or the LSSV parts manual Found this while surfing, a few of the part numbers are the same as the cucv.
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