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  1. 11Echo

    December 6, 1917, The Halifax Explosion

    December 6, 1917: The Halifax Explosion - Fishwrap The official blog of
  2. 11Echo

    South Korean M35's doing the job.

    A pic of a trio of S. Korean M35's spraying streets.
  3. 11Echo

    Re: D-Day August 22-23, 2014, Conneaut, Ohio!

    Re: D-Day August 22-23, 2014, Conneaut, Ohio! D-Day August 22-23, 2014, Conneaut, Ohio!
  4. 11Echo

    Ohio Military Show and Swap Meet, Fri. thru Sun. June 13 -15, 2014 Marlboro Volunteers, Inc. Armor Fest & Swap Meet 16125 N.E. Armour Street, Alliance, Stark Co. Ohio 44601 1 mile north of Alliance off St. Rt. 225 Follow the signs. Fri. & Sat. June 13...
  5. 11Echo

    Re: Road trip to Ohio truck auction!

    Re: Road trip to Ohio truck auction! I left today in one of my deuce units to check out a truck auction. On the way I received a call and had to return home. I feel that anyone that loves mv units would have enjoyed this collection of equipment, although the green trucks were not mv's...
  6. 11Echo

    Re: Hand Operated Winch-Lift Hoist

    Re: Hand Operated Winch-Lift Hoist A while back I purchased this NOS surplus item from Sam Winers,( ) . I have not done a base mount for it yet but, I plan to make it mobile from vehicle to vehicle where needed. The handle is in the third pic. It...
  7. 11Echo

    18th Annual Ohio Military Show July 20-21 Alliance, Ohio
  8. 11Echo

    Congratulations to the United States Army!

    U.S. Army congratulations! First in the defense of our great nation, Happy 238th Birthday to the United States Army. June 14th, 1775.
  9. 11Echo

    Ohio Military Show and Swap meet June 14 - 16, 2013 Alliance, Ohio! Marlboro Volunteers in Alliance, Ohio. Link to a past event.
  10. 11Echo

    3 Carrier Groups and new Fighter!

    For your enjoyment! Please delete if this has been posted before.
  11. 11Echo

    WW II Aircraft Relics

    Another nicely done work.
  12. 11Echo

    WW II Tank Relics

    Nicely done. Enjoy! Moderators delete if posted before.
  13. 11Echo

    Video of US 6 trucks!

    If this video has been linked before, Go ahead and delete the thread. Otherwise, enjoy!
  14. 11Echo

    Thanks to clintogf !

    I bought this M35 last summmer as it was about to be scrapped by it's owner. Ran good but, there was some bearings gone bad in the sprag transfer case. Pulled the rear driveshaft and drove it home on the front axle. Finally got around to fixing the truck. The best way I new to fix a bad sprag...
  15. 11Echo

    Looking for the Federal 604

    Anybody catch the SS name of the of the guy with the Federal 604 for sale? I heard about it too late it seems as the thread is gone. I know of someone that was looking for one of those trucks.
  16. 11Echo

    Ohio Ride Through History Military Show July 16-17 Alliance, Ohio

    This is their second show of the year. You can ride in mv's from one era/encampment to the next if you like. Our Main Event This is the weekend before Marengo.
  17. 11Echo

    Ohio Military Show & Swap Meet June 17-19, 2011

    June 17-19, 2011 in Alliance, Ohio.
  18. 11Echo

    395's from Sam Winers on singled deuce!

    I stopped at Sam Winers yesterday to pick up some small items and look around for items not on my have to have list. To my surprise Winers had a new/almost new shipment of Goodyear MVT's in stock. The tires had teats all around and no ozone damage/cracks. Top that off with a very good price and...
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