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  1. Potluckslammy

    M35A3: what is this air-related item part of?

    I have two A3's, and they also have these fittings. One of mine was leaking, as well. Between the local hardware and auto parts store, I was able to replace the majority of these plastic fittings with brass. Only reason all of them weren't replaced is because there wasn't enough on hand to...
  2. Potluckslammy

    The best lockout hubs for a Deuce

    Looking forward to hearing your impressions. Maybe post a few comments on build quality when you get them in?
  3. Potluckslammy

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by SECO

    Zack Galifianakis!
  4. Potluckslammy

    Battery group number for M35A2

    What is the purpose of the third, odd battery? Are you running dual voltage?
  5. Potluckslammy

    Battery group number for M35A2

    Yep, that's the kind of box I have. Should have been more specific in my earlier post...M35A3C. I took some pictures today when I removed it...needs a good cleaning, a judicious amount of wire brushing, and I have to do something about all these protruding fasteners if I am to shoehorn these...
  6. Potluckslammy

    475lb torque sticks-- any good?

    Why have just one when you can have all three?! 😁
  7. Potluckslammy

    475lb torque sticks-- any good?

    Just watched that video of the torque multiplier, and my jaw dropped! Never saw one before, but now I gotta have it! About $37 on theBay. Added it to the list! 😁
  8. Potluckslammy

    Battery group number for M35A2

    Just tried installing two group 31's in the battery box, and they WOULD NOT go in. Searched "Deuce Battery Box", and this seems to be the most relevant post....which is my way of explaining resurrecting this thread yet again. Someone mentioned " taking the warp out" of the battery box. I...
  9. Potluckslammy

    Deuce Parts Quick Reference Spreadsheet

    Anyone try to find the two upper radiator hoses for the M35A3?
  10. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 Owners unite

    I had recently asked in another thread if it was appropriate to flush the tranny with diesel fuel, as one might do to a differential, or manual type transmission. I got one well considered reply from glcaines, thank you very much, BTW. Maybe I can get more input if I ask here. Opinions?
  11. Potluckslammy

    The best lockout hubs for a Deuce

    Nobody has used these Boyce hubs? 😯
  12. Potluckslammy

    The best lockout hubs for a Deuce

    Going to resurrect this old thread...a second time...because the subject matter is on point. As to my question, just saw Boyce is selling a set of lockout hubs for under $500. Anyone lay hands on these yet?
  13. Potluckslammy

    Allison AT1545 failures

    Is it appropriate to flush the trans the first time through with diesel fuel? This seems the correct place to ask, as nothing turned up in search. My concern is the efficient removal of the 15W40 without three or four flushes, and without wasting gallons and gallons of DexIII. My thought is...
  14. Potluckslammy

    How many M35A3's left in GL inventory?

    Ok, for the bonus round, here's a more challenging question: How many M109A4's are left? Anyone? Anyone? I guess that's ok to put here...I don't think it's worth a new thread. Anybody know how many were made? I guess for these they needed one M35A2, and one M109A3 to make one M109A4...
  15. Potluckslammy

    How many M35A3's left in GL inventory?

    No apology necessary. @F18hornetM, I read that also, just yesterday in fact. I can't imagine what extra parts they needed from that third one. If you think about it, there were lots of cabs, hoods, axles, and multifuel engines that had to hit the market at some point. I wonder if they sold...
  16. Potluckslammy

    How many M35A3's left in GL inventory?

    Unless one were to already have a nice collection, and a good stock of parts...and then they could just sit back and watch their assets appreciate. But in this case I imagine there wouldn't be much sitting around, not where there's driving, and wrenching, and....stuff...that needs doing! :-P...
  17. Potluckslammy

    How many M35A3's left in GL inventory?

    Let me apologize right off the bat if I'm rehashing something that's been beat to death. I can't imagine someone hasn't asked already, but I tried the search function, and Goog isn't any help. Missed last weeks round...there were trucks all over the place...I could kick myself for not paying...
  18. Potluckslammy

    Anyone headed to Chambersburg, PA for the 7/28 GL auction?

    I see, yes, I had forgotten about the EUC. I sure wish I could go look first. Thanks for the reply.
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