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  1. M813rc

    5 ton convoy light installation TM?

    These instructions, which come in the US convoy light kits, were saved from this site MANY years ago. Quality isn't fantastic, but hopefully they can help. Cheers
  2. M813rc

    Number placard?

    The bridge plate "back" usually stays on the vehicle when the military repaints it, so green numbers on a tan vehicle/plate is quite normal, and way more common than not. Cheers
  3. M813rc

    AN/TPQ-36 FireFinder (Modified M116A1) Trailer

    The broken gauge makes me roll my eyes and shake my head. When I got my S788 shelter, it had been "demil'ed" by someone carefully punching the glass on all four gauges on the generator panel inside. I have never figured that requirement out, if it is one. Maybe someone just has a thing about...
  4. M813rc

    M35A2 near Austin needs a lift - $400

    Well, I'm late to the party as usual..... I was wondering what that orange dot meant, clicked on it and it brought up this thread! Looks like it's covered. Cheers
  5. M813rc

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month October 2020

    Oh, a tough one, no slags in the bunch. Reeeeeeally like Fuzzy's Seabee truck, but he has a good lead and I finally had to go with the M813. What can I say? Look at my name! :p Cheers
  6. M813rc

    Our BRDM2 chemical recon vehicle

    Looking good! If that is the same one I sat in some years ago while visiting Earl, it is a really nice vehicle. Cheers
  7. M813rc

    Looking for AF photos of M1008

    I know I have more CUCV pictures in my files somewhere, but these two show the way the USAF would have marked the vehicle. It hasn't changed much over the years. The door markings for your CUCV would be applied in a similar manner as on the '69 Chevy. Tactical vehicles usually have the "For...
  8. M813rc

    Weight badge numbers chart???

    According to the military Route Recon manual, the rule of thumb for bridge plates is 80% of the vehicle weight loaded, if the 'proper' number is not known. The actual bridge plate numbers in the manuals are calculated by some esoteric formula that I think may involve waving an intoxicated newt...
  9. M813rc

    Just painted my 1083 camper with RAPCO 383 GREEN

    I've used Rapco paint for about 20 years, and will continue to do so. It has held up very well over time. It does have something of a sheen when first applied, but that fades to flat in a week or two after application. Cheers
  10. M813rc

    M931A2 Questions

    The M931 military 5th wheel will mate to a civilian trailer, but as Simp stated above, it is unnecessarily tall for a civilian application unless you actually need the military two-way tilt feature for serious rough terrain hauling. Pretty unlikely in most scenarios for most of us, so it ends...
  11. M813rc

    2020-09-19 B-25 Belly Lands in a Field, San Joaquin County, California (Corrected state)

    John, I know you meant to type B-25. ;) Sorry the plane got hurt, but she is fairly intact. Depends on how much the airframe got torqued to see if she will be able to fly again. Best news is all aboard survived with minor injuries. The dilemma over flying the old birds - letting people see...
  12. M813rc

    Items behind M1008 seat

    They are standard on many US military vehicles, though not usually CUCVs except Marine ones, as mentioned above. Here is one on the back of an M37 that shows how the tools are arranged. they are held in place by straps. Straps are easily found from many sellers, including at least a couple...
  13. M813rc

    Is this normal? (Fording Drain, Bottom of Bell Housing)

    Don't worry, that question has been asked many times. :) The plug next to it is the one you would put in the open hole if you are fording. Cheers
  14. M813rc you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    If I remember correctly, that flying sequence is from a Steve McQueen movie called The Warlover, from the early 1960s (when B-17s were still plentiful, and not considered valuable!). Cheers
  15. M813rc

    Another "what is this trailer" thread.

    If I recall correctly, designation is LWHMT, no M number. Cheers
  16. M813rc you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    My first experience with an A-10 entailed low flying, and was during a BnFx (Battalion Field Exercise) on Fort Hood. We Marines had flown in via C-130 from Camp Pendleton to play with the Army. As a machine gunner, I was dug in in a fighting position just below the military crest of a hill...
  17. M813rc

    M416B Trailer

    Since you asked, from my perspective I'd encourage restoring it as a military trailer. The supply of M416s is finite, and large numbers are already converted beyond recognition, thus lost to the current and future MV collector community. That said, it is yours and what you do with it is...
  18. M813rc

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month August 2020

    This is another competition where I struggled to pick just one. All have their merits, all deserved to be voted for, none were easily dismissable. One is far enough ahead to have the race in the bag, so I finally cast a vote among those in competition for second place. Well done all! Cheers
  19. M813rc

    What have you cooked in your MKT?

    We've used a couple of MKT's at events for many years, one was Mkcoen's, the other is jeepJeep's (but lives at my place). "We" being LoneStar-MVPA, our local Central Texas truck club. Morning chow is usually breakfast tacos (eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes rolled in flour tortillas). Lunch...
  20. M813rc

    CJ10A Info Thread

    Folks, he hasn't logged on here since Sept 2017 Cheers
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