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  1. Speedwoble

    SEE/FLU419 accessories

    I am in the process of making a few doo-dads for my FLU and thought I would open it up to more people. I already sell the Cab tilt brackets through Expedition imports. Below are three additional ideas I would like to make. Not yet offering for sale, just getting feedback. A new power port/...
  2. Speedwoble

    Avoid Titan 32” thumb on the FLU419

    I added a 32” Titan thumb on my FLU. That was a mistake. Unlike better designed thumbs, it will not fold out of the way without removing the brace bar. In storage, the thumb hits the center tooth and prevents the bucket from folding completely. To add insult to injury, it bent a pin on the first...
  3. Speedwoble

    Tires and wheels removed from Herlong, CA or shipped to Lancaster, PA

    I won 2 lots of wheels and tires at Herlong, CA last week. Total weight estimated at 2800lbs on 3 pallets. If someone is local and goes there on a regular basis, can you confirm what the process is? I am hearing that a permit to get on base must be applied for 7 days ahead of time, but the...
  4. Speedwoble

    Acquired a FLU419 in PA

    This thread is perhaps a little delayed as I have had this truck for several months. I have been saving money and acquiring parts to tear into it. Purchased from Gov Planet from Ft Bragg. Could see in the photos that it was missing some pieces, but not quite the extent. Delivered by their...
  5. Speedwoble

    Checking for Interest in Cab tilt brackets, other tools?

    Based on photos and dimensions in previous threads, I am making a pair of cab tilt brackets for my FLU419. As you can see, I got an extra batch of parts made. Once I make mine to verify fitment and function, is there anyone else that would like a pair? I estimate $60 for laser cut parts and...
  6. Speedwoble

    European Road Trip

    So I haven't posted on here in quite some time and this post may be an example of "late is not better than never". My company sent me to Belgium for the last year. I have been living in Brugge since January and am now prepping to move back to PA. Its too late for me to ask for suggestions of...
  7. Speedwoble

    Feeler: Shortened heater boxes and under glovebox mounting brackets

    I am in the process of mounting my heater on the passenger side under the glovebox. Borrowing from this thread by Ridgerunner, and this post by jwentz57, I am cutting down my heater box to be about 6 inches shorter than stock. Rather than cut the original box and try to get all the cuts...
  8. Speedwoble

    Offering transport PA to TN & Back

    I am headed to Western TN on work and will have an empty 1/2 ton pickup bed I can haul stuff in. Free or Very Cheap. Departing PA on Sunday Morning, Returning Friday.
  9. Speedwoble

    Need help picking up M105 @ Havre De Grace, MD

    Well, I painted myself in a corner. I have an M105 Trailer I need to pick up at Havre De Grace, MD by Thursday. I was planning to do it with my M35A2, but I am in the midst of a turbo swap and it appears the turbo may be lost in the mail. Does anyone have the capability to do a pick-up...
  10. Speedwoble

    Halftrack door Armor

    In WWII, My grandfather was a tank mechanic. After the war, he bought a surplus halftrack and used it on the farm. They removed most of the armor on it and some was cut up and welded into other equipment. However, we just found both doors intact and complete, though the hinges are rusty. What is...
  11. Speedwoble

    3 knucklebooms from Newark, NJ to Lancaster, PA

    Not military parts, but I purchased 3 Haib 070 knucklebooms in Newark, NJ and need to haul them back to Lancaster, PA. I hope to put one on a deuce and sell the other two. Each is 3ft wide x 7ft long x 6 ft tall, 2500lbs. Total load 7500lbs. Have crane to load them, I am working on a...
  12. Speedwoble

    Start of my crane truck project

    Well, I am putting the cart in front of the horse, or the crane before the truck. This past weekend I purchased three Hiab 070 knucklebooms for eventual inclusion on an M35A2. Now I just have to haul them home (see post in transportation section) and buy a deuce. Two are Hiab 070A's, one...
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