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  1. nattieleather

    Front Shock Angle

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if someone with an M880 (M882) truck could put and angle gauge on the front shocks to give me the angle degree of the shocks. From what I can see they are about 80-85 degrees but I'd like to have a confirmation. I'm installing the front axle from and M882 into...
  2. nattieleather

    Labor Day Weekend in CT

    Hi all, My family and I are headed to Connecticut on Labor Day weekend and I was wondering if anyone knows of any MV related events in CT that weekend. I would love to take my grandson to see some vehicles. We will be staying around the Harwinton - Waterberry area. Any info you can share will...
  3. nattieleather

    Lighter Doors?

    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how to make the doors on a M37 lighter? Want to make the doors removable for the summer time and as I get older those door get heavier and I am looking for ways to make them lighter. Thanks, Joe
  4. nattieleather

    HMMWV Intermediate Steering Shaft.

    Hi everybody, Can someone give me the length of the Intermediate Steering Shaft? I may use one on my project if it's long enough. Thanks, Joe
  5. nattieleather

    Another Power Steering Question

    Hi all, Can someone tell me what is the size and length of the bolts that hold the steering gear to the bracket? I don't have a part manual -20P just a -20 so any help would be great. Thanks, Joe
  6. nattieleather

    Steering Wheel Size and Spline Count?

    Hi everyone, I tried searching on here plus a google search but didn't find the answer. So I thought I would come to the knowledgable folks here. What is the size of the steering wheel opening where it mounts to the column i.e 3/4" 7/8" etc and the spline count 36, 40 48 etc.? Looking at a...
  7. nattieleather

    Commercial availablity of HMMWV Tires?

    Hi, I've been researching the 37x12.5Rx16.5 tire and it seems that nobody is making that size tire anymore. It is either a 16 inch or it seems that everyone has stepped up to 17 inch. Other than used tires which I would think would dry up over time (ok maybe in 20 years who knows) is there a...
  8. nattieleather

    4l80E conversion controller questions

    Hi everyone, I've searched for this anwser for the past hour or so and haven't found what I'm looking for. The HMMWV when first produced stock had a 3L80 transmission in it which is more or less the TH400 or turbo 400 transmission. Many of you have made the conversion from the 3l80 to the...
  9. nattieleather

    Another Hydroboost Question

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the push rod that goes from the peddle to the hydroboost? I'm using a hydro/MC from a CUCV in another application and I need to get or shorten the push rod. Thanks, Joe
  10. nattieleather

    Update on my rust bucket

    I did a quick update with a bunch of pictuer on my project. You can see them here @ This page has the latest updates and pictures. Scroll down to the middle of the page. Thanks Joe
  11. nattieleather

    Cargo bed size

    I did search for this and got no answer.... so what is the basic cargo bed of the 2 door "pick-up" HMMWV? 4x6 4x8? About the same as say an M37 dodge? Thanks Joe
  12. nattieleather

    A Good Repair Manual?

    Other than the -20 and -34 is there a stand alone (civilian) manual on the 6.2L motor? I'm going to be doing some work on my motor over the next few months and I would like to know how much this bolt get's tighten etc... :)
  13. nattieleather

    Before and after pictures

    Just thought I'd show some before and after pics of my project while I'm still working on it. This is not going to be a 100% masterclass restoration but a concept vehicle for my driving pleasure... Thanks for looking.
  14. nattieleather

    Need scamatic starter wiring system help

    Ok so I'm building a concept truck using an M37 as the bases. In my alternet universe the HMMWV doesn't come around for another 15 years 1995ish and the M37 is still in use in the 1980 much like the M35...anyway I am looking to install a 6.2L GM motor in the the truck and since I'm making it...
  15. nattieleather

    Working on my cab

    I decided to fix instead of replace. Maybe I'm crazy but it was a money issue more than anything. Anyway here are some pics. Sorry some of the pics were taken with the cell phone.
  16. nattieleather

    HMMVW Pintle Questions

    Does the pintle hitch on the M998 (and variants) swivle like that on other MVs (M37, M715, M1008)? I have seen pictures of the pintle hitch and it looks like it uses the same chain safety plate as the M151A2 used. Is this true and if so does that plate have a hole in the middle for the...
  17. nattieleather

    Need a Messurement

    Hello, I'm working on a project truck and I want to use the steering column and before I buy one I need to know if it will fit my application. Could someone please messure the steering column for me and give me the length? Thank you, Joe
  18. nattieleather

    HMMWV Frame Color

    Hello all, What color is the HMMWV color from the factory...i.e. brand new rolling out of the factory. Is it CARC Green, Flat black or Satin Black? Thanks Joe
  19. nattieleather

    axle maintenance

    Hi all, I have a set of 70 dodge axles the same as the M880 serries trucks and I'm looking for the section out of the -20 and -34 for the maintenance of the axles. I did a search through the manual here, but didn't find them. I don't need the whole manual just the section on the front and rear...
  20. nattieleather

    Rim Size

    I've done did a search and haven't found the answer so I'm posting. HMMWV rims are 16 x 8 is that correct?
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