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  1. combat32

    Mep 016c from GSA

    Picked this one up from Arkansas Forestry today. At least this one is a 60 herz set, last time i bought a 400 hz set, runs great but about worthless. This one is all there except fuel tank and starter. Looks like it developed issues and they robbed it. Still a good deal for 50 bucks, plenty of...
  2. combat32

    Mep 016A still kicking

    I bought this one on GL several years ago, all I had to do was clean the carb and change the oil and she has been a reliable runner ever since, it had about 200 hours on it when I got it, now showing about 259. Haven't really used it much last couple of years, so I got it out today to do a...
  3. combat32

    Picked up two really nice tires today

    A couple of real nice 900.16's with about 80% tread and little to no checking on the sidewalls. Only problem is they were attached to another M116A1 with a a hunk o junk mep-018 on top.:-P
  4. combat32

    New m116A1 generator trailer

    I bought this one off GSA last month and warthog picked it up for me. It was fairly cheap but a little on the rough side. My plan is to put my newly aquired mep-002a on this one. It is dated 1973 and looks like it had 2 mep-017's on it and a distribution box on right rear, unfortuatley thats...
  5. combat32

    Bought a mep-002

    Bought this one off GSA today, will try to pick it up Friday. It looks complete and has about 650 hours on it. Fingers crossed, reading all the TM's prior to pickup. It looks like it has been stored inside for a while, thats a plus!
  6. combat32

    New mep-016c

    Got this from gsa, showing 334 hours, looks to be in great shape. It still had clean oil in it and some funky gas, fired it off with some ether and it ran and made power! This one should be easy to get going.
  7. combat32

    Value of mep-017a

    Found one on craigslist near me, what would a decent price be? It runs and makes power has 222 hours on it. Thanks
  8. combat32

    Mep-016d genhead

    Who says you can't find nothin good on craigslist? 25 bucks, and still has the voltage regulator. He said it was his grandpa's project, after his death nobody knows what happened to the rest.
  9. combat32

    New to me A5

    Picked up a pretty decent mule with a dead mag, everything else looks pretty good. Where is the best source for a new or rebuilt magneto? Thanks
  10. combat32

    New to me mep-018a

    I picked up this genny in a trade deal, so I don't have much in it. I have been reading all the old threads here on the 18 and have learned a lot already. Just one question for other 18 owners, for now. Looks like the Army was running 15/40 in it when last in service, is this a good choice for...
  11. combat32

    Ben Hur trailer

    Look what followed me home yesterday. It is pretty rough but will live again, probably as a parts donor for a couple of friends of mine who are restoring a couple of trailers.
  12. combat32

    AAR on my Red River trip

    Lucky for me it is only 3 hours from my house, so I left home early to get a good start as I knew it would take a while. Of course you can call in an order and get it shipped but for me goin there is like lettin a crackhead in the back of the pharmacy! They have tons and tons of parts, every...
  13. combat32


    Picked this up from GSA yesterday, a little ether and she pops! Cleaning the fuel tank right now while waiting for a new fuel pump from Saturn. Not good for a lot but I got it cheap, it would be good for camping.
  14. combat32

    My second MEP-016

    Picked up another one, this time a Charlie model. It runs and makes power, I have had good luck with these so far this is my second one, easy to work on and parts are available. Downside is there are heavy, loud,fuel sensitive and thirsty. It was missing a couple of small parts most of which I...
  15. combat32

    Nice M792 Ambulance

    I am visiting my son at Ft. Lewis and stopped by the post museum and found this sweet 792. It looks really complete. 1971 condec with a rebuild tag dated 83. Sorry for the crappy pics all I have is my phone.
  16. combat32

    Goat treasure found in Oklahoma

    Went to Joe's casa in Okie City today to pick up the rest of my goat parts, made a good haul including the elusive brace and the last piece for my trusses looks like I got the full set now:mrgreen:He even let me wander around in the brush and get some ticks and then said Hey, don't go over...
  17. combat32

    Rear steering box cover

    Seems mine is MIA, anyone know a source?
  18. combat32

    Goat Pic, chute failure

    Found this online, the op said it was during the mid 70's, 82nd ABN. A heavy drop with chute failure, I still see some parts there I could use?:D
  19. combat32

    I have joined the Goat herd

    I have agreed to buy Warthogs Goat, will pick it up Thursday. Meanwhile I found a parts Goat close to me that I can get super cheap but it's gonna be a difficult recovery for sure. More to follow when I get my Goat home from Okie City. Here are a couple of pics of the parts truck,
  20. combat32

    Found 2 bullet holes in the back of my cab

    I have been continuing the teardown on my truck, started taking apart the bed and found these in the back of the cab, these are on the passenger side right behind the battery box. Must have been a oh crap moment, can't tell exactly where they entered as the battery box was MIA on this truck...
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