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  1. M813rc

    LMTV troop seats in an M1082

    A while back, I had the pleasure of babysitting Agazza's M1082 at my place until he could arrange transport for it to Arizona. I also had a pallet of NOS LMTV troop seats I had bought in a junkyard, with the intent of seeing if I could fit them in my M105A3. Needless to say, with an M1082 at...
  2. M813rc

    M116A3 Adjustable Lunette Install

    Didn't know there was such a thing? Neither did I! :shock: The M116A3 based HSTRU trailer always towed nose low, and that bothered me. I was looking for a way to adjust the lunette when I found the piece in pic 1 in the junkyard. I figured I could use part of it to fab up something...
  3. M813rc

    Generator - Can you Identify?

    I bought an S-788 shelter from a junk dealer. In the front tunnel was some sort of machine, completely enveloped in nasty rotted insulation, which he said was a pump because it has a hose fitting on it. I didn't care what it was, I just wanted the shelter and it was super cheap. On getting it...
  4. M813rc

    M832 - Platform compatible with the M832 mobilizer?

    Can anyone with knowledge of these tell me if this platform is one that attaches to the M832 (or M834) mobilizer? It is over 100 miles from me, so I can't just drop by and measure it, nor do I want to drive that far in the 931 dragging an M832 just in case it might fit! :-? My understanding...
  5. M813rc

    HMMWV ambulance body dimensions

    I have a Humvee shelter carrier 5th-wheel trailer, and I am trying to figure out if a 4-litter ambulance body will fit on it. I haven't found one locally to measure, and I have searched both SS and the net without finding the information, so... Anyone have one they would be willing to take...
  6. M813rc

    M1082 trailer manual, anyone got it in PDF?

    I'm picking up an M1082 (LMTV trailer) for agazza from Ft Hood next week, and I'm one of those folks who likes to read the manual before I move anything. Does anyone have the manual in PDF? TM-9-2330-394-13-P (there may be 2 parts) I have tried the net, but so far all I can find are...
  7. M813rc

    WWII bridging trailer ID?

    I've been trying to help another chap identify the truck and trailer in this picture, but WWII vehicles are not my strongest area of knowledge. The truck is an International K-series, does anyone know the exact model? Can anyone identify the pontoon trailer? Thanks, and cheers
  8. M813rc

    ?? Transporter, Model 741-ISO. Anyone know about them?

    I got the green one of these from GL today, and don't know anything about it, except what can be gleaned from the pictures. With ISO in the nomenclature, I can only assume it has something to do with moving ISO boxes. Not loaded or large containers, judging from the size. My internet...
  9. M813rc

    Helicopter gunsight identification request

    I swapped some OD gear for this interesting item the other day. The chap I got it from said he thought it came out of a Hind (Mi-24), but I would like to confirm that. Judging from the markings, it is definitely Russian. It is in excellent condition, has several reticle options controlled...
  10. M813rc

    Seeing Pictures - What must a new member do?

    First- yes, I did a search, didn't find the answer. Buddy of mine signed up on SS several weeks ago, still can't see pictures. He gets links in the post, but if he tries to click on them he gets a message that says he doesn't have privelages. It also says something about either having his...
  11. M813rc

    Identify Military ARV Light?

    I'm looking for some information on this light, which I acquired recently just because it was interesting. Looking at it, it is obviously a safety device of some sort, with a red steady or flashing light and an MV-type reflector. From searching for the NSN I find it listed as BII on the M88...
  12. M813rc

    Zombie attack at the Flying F

    Well, not real zombies but movie zombies. SS members Sarge, Jeff L and I own adjoining properties in the boonies outside Austin, and we refer to said place collectively as "The Flying F". Because of the buildings and general appearance of the place, and the vehicles we own, a couple of indie...
  13. M813rc

    Exploding M1009 spare

    I've never seen this before. I noticed that the spare in my M1009 looked a bit odd, rolled down the back window and found that the tire had actually blown out. This happened while the truck was parked with the tire in it's rack. No previous indications that anything was wrong with the tire, it...
  14. M813rc

    Trailer Identity Question

    Okay, to the assembled Font of OD Knowledge, can anyone tell me the identity/designation and purpose of the semi-trailer in the attached pics? They are a bit grainy, but that's all I've got to work with. Thanks and cheers .
  15. M813rc

    USMC M1009 markings

    I just bought the M1009 in the attached pic. As can be seen, it desperately needs to be repainted! Does anyone have pictures of Marine 1009s in the 383 camo? I am looking specifically for how the markings were applied, particularly on the sides. Actually, painted in tan would work too...
  16. M813rc

    Recovering Sarge's SPGRSMD

    Recovering Sarge's SGPRSMD If you have a tractor, you have to have something to pull with it, right? In the finest traditions of “No new OD for Sarge in 2009” he made his 6th buy of the year, an SGPRSMD, also known as Shop Equipment, General Purpose Repair, Semi-trailer Mounted, at Ft Sam...
  17. M813rc

    Recovering Sarge's M818

    Sarge is still working on his M1031 recovery tale, to which he adds about three words a day, so he asked me to post this one. On January 1st Sarge made a New Years resolution to not buy any vehicles in 2009. Between then and now he has only bought five, so he is really doing quite...
  18. M813rc

    Recovering Sarge's M49C

    Sarge and I went on a mission this morning to recover his “new” M49C tanker. He bought it sight unseen for a couple of hundred dollars. It is a 1962 gasser, runs, but has iffy brakes. It had been used as a fire tanker, but the city had retired it and was going to sell it for parts. They had...
  19. M813rc

    New V-100

    Well, I finally got my dream vehicle, what I have lusted for since I first saw them in service back in the early '80s. Today I bought this. It has had all the really serious work done already (stripped to hull and components, sandblasted, primed and painted inside, primed outside). Lots of...
  20. M813rc

    8x8 APC Identity Question

    Can anyone identify this vehicle? It belongs to the Oakland County (Michigan) Sheriffs Office. (No, I don't want to debate why they have it, I just want to know what it is!). Cheers
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