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  1. NDT

    Reduction Unit Parts Needed

    If you dig around on this site, it has been said that the wavy spring can be omitted. I can’t verify that. Probably can omit the screen too if you keep your oil clean.
  2. NDT

    M1123 Doors & Soft Top Fitment Issues

    Not sure how to adjust the b pillar other than something violent. Maybe you can put shims under the leafs if they are not flush anymore.
  3. NDT

    Gmc 302

    Wet pull means the power pack was removed from the truck will the radiator attached and all fluids undrained. This engine is located in Texas so like I said, you are very likely to find one much closer and in better shape.
  4. NDT

    Harmonic Balancer installer

    Yes. Clean both the crank and balancer bore to bright and shiny and grease the crank and heat the balancer.
  5. NDT

    Gmc 302

    I have a “wet pull” 302 with hydramatic attached, hasn’t run in 40 years (core). Sure you can find a closer better one to you. Random thoughts: the mil 302 has the front motor mounts cast into the side of the block as opposed to the front timing gear plate on the civ. The mil 302 does not...
  6. NDT

    Gmc 302

    Are you looking for a military 302?
  7. NDT

    M1008 wheels

    It’s not supposed to have 16.5. Supposed to have 16.
  8. NDT

    WTB M35A2 Seat Cover Set is where to go.
  9. NDT

    Bringing back to life a 2009 HMMWV M1165A1 from GovPlanet - total newbie, please help...

    Your injection pump is dying, get it remanufactured. The cut wires on the filter are inconsequential, they are for the diagnostic connector. The alternator might be getting intermittent sense voltage, that is the feed in the small gauge wire.
  10. NDT

    M998 - 1993 - Power steering and starting problems

    Unrelated. Starting problem is common for those with the crappy key switch. The noise you hear is the starter remaining engaged with the engine running. Get rid of the key switch. PS could be no fluid, bad pump, others …
  11. NDT

    FMTV 3.07 Intermediate axle gear

    Tell them "the tan colored axles with the planetary looking hubs you have in a pile that came from those scrapped MRAPs in Sealy"
  12. NDT

    M61 5 ton fuel pump probably others too
  13. NDT

    M61 5 ton fuel pump

    Several of the aftermarket retailers have “external fuel pump kits” they have cobbled together for the “deuce” crowd, these will allow you to use the gasoline fuel tanks with your LDS diesel.
  14. NDT

    FMTV 3.07 Intermediate axle gear

    They have entire intermediate axles: About | San Antonio Truck & Equipment Inc. (
  15. NDT

    Does having a Turret add more value to the HMMWV? Turret owners... Could you live without it?

    Personally, I have been looking for a $1500 turret support for two years now to no avail. The big picture is that having a complete turret on your truck adds at least $10k in value. I would probably pull the trigger at that price. It would hurt like hell though.
  16. NDT

    Does having a Turret add more value to the HMMWV? Turret owners... Could you live without it?

    Define “high price”? I researched fabricating this, big money. Still hoping to find one at a reasonable price.
  17. NDT

    What are you using for a 24Volt trickle charger?

    I have 8 total of these in service with Hawker AGMs. for going on 6 years now. Work great. BatteryMINDer 12V AGM Battery Charger/Trickle Charger/Desulfator — 12 Volt, 2 Amp, Model# 2012-AGM | Northern Tool
  18. NDT

    What are you using for a 24Volt trickle charger?

    Flooded or AGM battery?
  19. NDT

    M725 at SEMA

    Did you see this admittedly cool M725 at the Las Vegas SEMA show this last week? I wonder where they got the idea for a tan Kaiser? 😉
  20. NDT

    M135/211 Exhaust manifold

    These manifolds have been hard to find for ages now. Some tidbits from someone who has struggled with these manifolds: If you get a used one, which it will likely be, get it machined with the intake attached to remove any warp. The head might need machining too if the previous operator let...
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