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  1. Guyfang

    TB 10-4500-200-13 Assembly & Fabrication to Adapt 55 Gallon Fuel Drum to Fuel Supply Tank.

    TB 10-4500-200-13 Assembly & Fabrication to Adapt 55 Gallon Fuel Drum to Fuel Supply Tank. TB shows how and give a material needed list for the assembly and fabrication of a fuel supply tank, from a 55 gallon drum. Fool proof and sturdy.
  2. Guyfang

    Heaters and Air Con's

    I have come into a large amount of TM's for heaters and air conditioners. If you need/want TM's for that kind of Army equipment, tell me what TM's you are looking for. Give me the TM #. Can not promise anything, but if I have it, will pony up the TM.
  3. Guyfang

    How to fabricate 55 Gallon drum to fuel supply tank.

    Anyone interested in TB 10-4500-200-13, (Technical Bulletin) on how to: Assembly & Fabrication to adapt a 55 Gallon Fuel Drum to a Fuel Supply Tank for Heater, Space, Radiant Type. If so, I will post it. Got to admit, if I had seen this TB while on active, would sure have done it! For...
  4. Guyfang

    All the TM's you need for the MEP-326A Generator

    Here are the TM's needed to work on the MEP-326A
  5. Guyfang

    MEP-805B & MEP-806B users

    Greetings. I put out a list of parts that all had to match, for the TRC or Libby Volt Regulators systems to work. There was some info, the TRC R16 worth, that was wrong. Here is the changed document. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  6. Guyfang

    MEP-803A, AUX fuel pump won't work

    Howdy folks! I have started this thread for Jeff, to get him started out on the right foot. I will walk him through how to do it a bit later. I am new to the forum. I have an MEP 803 which works fine, EXCEPT the aux fuel pump won't run. I have followed the above suggestions, it still doesn't...
  7. Guyfang

    HMMWV Tech Information

    Here is some HMMWV info I found on my computer. Fluid Flow for the 4L80E FOV AC System Sheppard Steering Gear
  8. Guyfang

    TM for the MEP-807A Generator. TM9-6115-729-24

    This is the TM9-6115-729-24 manual. I had to split it up into 5 parts, as its too large to upload otherwise.
  9. Guyfang

    Herman Nelson type heaters. 400,000 BTU

    There are more then several different types of Herman Nelson heaters. These two TM's cover some of the 400,000 BTU heaters. The TM's are TM5-4520-208-15 and TM5-4520-208-25P.
  10. Guyfang

    Uploading new TM's

    Can some one walk me through uploading new TM's? This used to be easy, and I can not count how may I uploaded, but now I find that its all different, so I need HELP! Thanks! Guy
  11. Guyfang

    Electrical distribution system, m40

  12. Guyfang

    MEP-806B and MEP-805B Injector Pump Special Tool

    Should you ever want to remove the Injector Pump on a MEP-805B or MEP-806B, you need to make this tool, (its an easy job) to properly remove the IP.
  13. Guyfang

    Operators TM for the M1001, M1002, M1013 and M1014 Tractor.

    This is the Operators TM for the MAN 10 ton Series trucks, M1001, M1002, M1013 and M1014.
  14. Guyfang

    Assistence with MEP-803A diagrams

    Can anyone please look at TB5-11 and TB5-12 and tell me what wires are connected to what terminal? Also look at P4, (the plug that goes to the Malfunction Indicator) and see what wire goes to pin14 and 15? i am trying to get the wire numbers and placements at last done for the MEP-803 and 802...
  15. Guyfang

    18,000 BTU Air Con/Heater NSN 4120-01-523-4131 Model S9160-18KH-3,

    This should be all the TM's you need to work on the 18,000 BTU Air Con/Heater, Model # S9160-KH-3 The updated schematic is newer then the schematic on the Air Con.
  16. Guyfang

    9,000 BTU Horizontal, Compact TM 9-4120-422-14&P, Part Nr. S8450-9KC-1H, NSN 4120-01-

    9,000 BTU Horizontal, Compact TM 9-4120-422-14&P, Part Nr. S8450-9KC-1H, NSN 4120-01- This is the TM for the 9,000 BTU, Horizontal, Compact Air Conditioner, Part No. S8450-9KC-1H, NSN 4120-01-456-6954 TM 9-4120-422-14&P
  17. Guyfang

    6000 BTU Air Con Model JHAA/C6V1 NSN: 4120-01-327-5447

    Here are the two TM's needed to operate and repair the 6000 BTU Air Con, Model #. JHAA/C6V1, 115 Volt AC. NSN: 4120-01-327-5447 TM 9-4120-403-14 TM 9-4120-403-24P
  18. Guyfang

    Lister Petter Civilian Manuals

    This is every piece of printed material I have concerning Lister Petter Civilian Manuals. I have not gone through them. This packet of information was given to me and I am passing it along.
  19. Guyfang

    All the TM' you need for the MEP-804B

    This should be all the TM's you need to work on the MEP-804B gen set. Basically, its the same books as the MEP-804A, with the addition of TM 9-2815-538-24&P, the new engine book.
  20. Guyfang

    Grounding and Bonding Generators

    These may be of interest concerning Grounding and Bonding Generators and Equipment.
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