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  1. Keith_J

    Stalling Issue

    How things change..30 years ago, mechanics couldn't understand electronic and computer controlled drive trains. I do both, country and western ;)
  2. Keith_J


    They appear to be serviceable replacements. Like most offshore parts, they are copies with variable quality from OE items. But they can work. I've bought starters for my vehicles which came with full test reports and work like new. In my car, the new starter cured the problem with an Auto...
  3. Keith_J

    Stalling Issue

    Definitely a fuel flow issue. Does it do this only in motion? Or can you replicate the problem with holding the brake and opening the throttle? The injection pump is quite simple. In a diesel engine, power is controlled solely by injected quantity. In this pump, injected quantity is...
  4. Keith_J

    86 M1009 Water Pump

    If you have the timing chain cover off, check the chain slack. All diesels are interference engines which could be damaging to at least the push rods. Not that timing chains fail, wear in the set will let you know when to change.
  5. Keith_J

    Tachometer hook up

    I calibrated mine by first calibrating the speedometer using stop watch and interstate mile markers. Knowing the speedometer is spot on, I then bumped the speed on the flat to 75 MPH. That is 3650 RPM governed with 255 85 16s and stock 4.56 axles. Yes, screaming and dragging the SECM box...
  6. Keith_J

    Tachometer hook up

    Alternators have at least two poles, most common are 8 to 20, always an even number as there are in pairs, a north and a south pole. With each pole pair, the voltage in the stator coils changes direction but more importantly, this change represents power generation. Higher RPM alternators...
  7. Keith_J

    Can’t get a new radiator replacement M1008

    I should have bought one last year..guess I will limp along with a good supply of coolant and distilled water. Edited: Found a CU850 for over 500 dollars. That is a lot of coolant. But pulling my 30 foot travel trailer a 1000 miles next month. Thankfully there is a substantial relocation...
  8. Keith_J

    Tachometer hook up

    I don't have the specifics on this brand/model. I had success with a VDO brand which can use multiple inputs including an alternator AC output. This tach has multiple switches and a potentiometer to fine tune. The driver side alternator has this output as a push on connector with a brown...
  9. Keith_J

    Converting your CUCV into a High MPG power diesel! (and solving emissions)

    The inefficiency of this diesel engine is not from unburned fuel unless you have white exhaust smoke. Partially burned fuel is black smoke as the hydrogen is first burned. High compression is one key to efficiency, this engine is already high enough. The main heat loss is through the...
  10. Keith_J

    no start clicking under dash

    It isn't the current which kills starter relays, it is the back current which arcs contacts to an early grave. The current flowing through a solenoid coil creates a magnetic field. When that current is interrupted, the collapse in the magnetic field causes a reverse current, much stronger...
  11. Keith_J

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Circle red X that class 2 leak on the injector pump? Then I will put my initials next to it to allow limited operations?
  12. Keith_J

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Checked fluids, tire pressures x 5 and started it without drama. Around the block and up to temperature. Ran the PTO generator and ran the air compressor to drive water out of the air tank. Going to make this a weekly PMCS, minus the DA 2404 form.
  13. Keith_J

    Gen 2 light starts flickering after truck is warmed up

    I've made a 27SI testing rig using a spare plug, a light bulb and an alligator clip. Use a good battery, chuck the alternator in a vise and spin it up with a drill and socket wrench.
  14. Keith_J

    Error processing when restarting after a long period of storage

    The one item which causes the most issue with idle speed is the metering valve. This must react positively with the tiny spring forces yet also negatively with the closing action of the governor centrifugal forces. Then the shut off solenoid must positively counter act all others. The fit of...
  15. Keith_J

    M1031 with Mac self regulated drippproof synchroniousnous alternators

    The adjustment of the throttle actuator is quite sensitive. Just a few degrees of adjustment on the actuator side makes a world of difference so if you have a frequency droop of more than 5 Hz from no load to just a few kW, bump this up. The droop adjustment won't compensate enough. Remember...
  16. Keith_J

    M1031 Maintenance Contact Truck just acquired

    There are a few threads on how the governor functions..the TM (these are US Army only, so it is a TM) has not been released due to the classified nature of the EOD application. Start with the switches on the PTO, TC and shift mechanism. Check fuse resistance as mine was horrible. 12 volt...
  17. Keith_J

    My (new) M1008...

    The replacement unit will fit. The outlet fittings should be the same, the only real difference is injected quantity is slightly less, turning it up a bit less than a 1/4 turn will correct this. It should also slightly advance timing as it increases stroke which places start of injection...
  18. Keith_J

    New DB2 injection pump housing marks differ from old DB2 pump

    Align the corresponding indicator lines. Timing in these pumps is based on a slew of different factors and adjustments. Timing advances with increasing injection quantity, transfer port pressure and throttle opening. If the engine is noisy at warm idle, you can retard if needed.
  19. Keith_J

    My DIY tow bar

    Chains attached to independent points from the tow bar are always a good idea. 7018 are good rods if they are fresh. They don't stay that way, especially from your local hardware store. The key is ductility, 70 S6 GMAW with 75/25 Ar/CO2 can have issues.
  20. Keith_J

    My DIY tow bar

    When it comes to bolting in shear loading, higher tensile strength can be less effective. Yes, higher grade bolts achieve higher clamping force with a loss in ductility. Metric class 8.8 is the proper choice here.
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