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    Where can I buy rod main and cam bearings for an mep 005

    Hi guys I hurt an engine the other day and threw a rod. I have enough parts to build a good engine but need some cam bearings. I’d like to replace the rods and mains too if possible. I use to see these items in ebay pretty much all the time but since the pandemic hit haven’t seen them listed...
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    Do the mep 007 gensets have any inherent problems

    We are looking to step up our generators. We currently are running mep 005s two at a time to keep up with our demand and are growing rapidly so need to step up to 100kw + We plan to buy 3 100kw gensets. I read the 3126 4cyl was having issues with the fuel injection system and it’s very costly...
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    What should my fuel consumption be on a mep005 @ full load

    I’m at 55% load currently and burning 1.7 gal per hour. I did a search for the 005 fuel consumption but couldn’t find it. I think I read a while back it should be between 1.7-2.3 GPH. Is that correct? Thanks in advance for any info
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    Who besides MECO sells parts for the 600gph rowpu systems

    Hi guys. I’ve been in contact with meco. They sent me the parts Tm for the 600gph rowpu I just bought. I sent them all the parts numbers of what I need and they could only cross reference about 80% of the parts to their own part numbers. The ones they could identify and cross reference they are...
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    Mep 005 only makes power when battle short switch is on

    I’m having an issue with one of my 005s. I was running fine for two weeks and I turned it off to change the oil. After I restarted it I won’t make power without turning on the battle short switch. Any ideas as to where my problem might be. Thanks in advance for any insight as to the cause of my...
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    Ideas to quite down an mep 005

    Hi guys I’m looking at ways to quiet down my mep005s as much as possible. I use them 24/7 to power my island hotel. Noise at night is a huge problem. I just built a 8ft block sound wall to deflect some of the noise and am Almost finished a block generator building in which all 4 of my 005s...
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    When starting my 002 the wiring harness from the control panel to switch box melted down from some type of short?

    One of my die hard mep 002s melted the wiring harness that goes from the control panel to the switch box. It fried the harness and the center plug that goes into the back of the switch box! The unit never started, doesn’t seem to have damaged anything in the switch box or the control panel I...
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    Who other than delks sells used parts for an mep 005?

    Delks had everything I need except the small current transformer. I am looking for another vendor that sells used parts for an mep 005. Thanks in advance for any info guys
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    Who sells used parts for mep 005s besides Delks

    Hi was wondering where I might locate some used parts for one of my mep 005s other than delks? Thanks in advance for any info, phil
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    I was wondering if any of you guys have experience running an rowpu

    I just bought one for my hotel and have several questions regarding the unit. Thanks in advance for any info, em
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    Melted small transformer on mep 005

    I just received my 4 mep 005s. One has a small transformer it’s a small black rectangle with one set of wires wrapped thru the hole in the center of it. It’s totally melted into a puddle. What could cause this and where can I buy one. I don’t see any on eBay I am also missing a hertz gauge...
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    Can two mep 005s be hooked up parallel

    I just bought four mep 005s for my hotel and my container arrives this weekend. I’m buying breakers and switches etc to hook everything up ASAP. I was wondering if two mep 005s Can run in parallel. Thanks in advance for any info guys. RM
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    Free mep 005 engine in Atlanta

    Hey guys I just bought a 005 for parts but am Having trouble getting it shipped due to weight. Looking for someone that would like the engine you have to remove it and there is a fork lift at the place that can load it for you,. It’s stuck but probably can be freed up. It’s complete. I have...
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    What’s the max continuous load a 005 will carry. I saw a guy run one up to 49kw

    I have a few 005 questions There was a post here on as where a generator repair guy picked up a poor running 005!that had been run one hour a month for a year or so with no load so it was wet stacked badly. He ran it and kept increasing the load til he got to 30 kw. Ran it like that for about...
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    Dongfeng cummins engines??? Are all cumins engines made in China?

    I have an issue with my only running 002 so want to buy a generator immediately locally as my container won’t arrive for a month or so and my hotel is full up right now. I’m looking at a cummins powered 25 kw genset with a 4B3.9-G12. It has a Stamford generator head and burns 2gph at max load...
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    Where can I buy two sets of .020 rings for an mep 002

    I bought a pair of std piston and rings on eBay but. The pistons arrived and are .020 over so now need to locate two sets of .020 rings and 1 new or good used std piston, thanks in advance for any info
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    Which of these three generators do you like the best comparison

    I’m looking for 20-25 kw single phase 240 generator. There are two I like and want to buy one of them just would like a little feedback and your opinions The first two on the page are 25kw the John Deere 2.9L turbo three cyl powered unit...
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    Lookimg for new diesel 20-25kw single phase gemerator what do you recommemd

    Hi guys i decided to buy a new genset want a really durable diesel engine that is fuel efficient and that will go the distance as far ss logging thousands of hours. I want a high quality generator head. What do you recommemd and where is the best place to buy it im shipping a container out of...
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    Who has bypassed the oem breaker in an 002 and mounted an external breaker?

    Looking at trying to simplify my 002s. I only use them in single phase 240v setting. I use them to power my hotel so they will carry the same load day in and day out. I’d like to wire the gen output leads into 240v single phase with an external breaker box. eliminate the single phase three...
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    Mep 002 R3 adjustment

    Hi guys. One of my 002s has a weak breaker it trips at like 7-8 amps of load. I want to adjust the R3 resistor. How do I make the breaker hold more load by turning the R3 screw clockwise or counterclockwise? I need to get it to hold a 26amp load to adjust the R3. Thanks in advance for any help
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