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  1. emr

    MTA 2018 OFFICAL SHOW THREAD , Info /buy/Sell/trade/Talk /All :)

    Can we please use this thread for all, Conversation's/buy/sell/trade/Anything and ALL... Please feel personally invited to attend our show, Many people do a ton of work to pull this off, We are not perfect but after 17 years were still doing it, :) We are there from Thursday ON with 24...
  2. emr

    M939 250 cummins filters. I have a 925

    Read a ton of stuff, Still have trouble, I see A2 filters plainly listed, I am having trouble with 250 filters, Somehow I figured and purchased NAPA gold, 3472, 1467,1268,1268, and cant find them again to see what the heck I ordered LOL... Is there a plain filter list for the 250 I keep...
  3. emr

    2017 mta spring show april 22-23

    Well here we go again !!! First off I must say EVERY SHOW EVERY YEAR NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!!!!!! :) We at the MTA are a fairly large group of active MV enthusiast's, We have a large group of active members who stand up come out and support all we believe in !! We have location, Center NJ with rt 80...
  4. emr

    Nyc veterans day parade sign ups now!!!

    11/11/11 Is the time and date this is all about !!! The NYC Vets Parade also known as AMERICAS PARADE ! Is on and we are going in force again, I need drivers name vehicle type and cell phone of driver, This is a security rich environment :) ALL same as last year and years before , We are...
  5. emr

    Alert >> nyc veterans parade << alert

    This is IT FOLKS :driver:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The escort is DONE :recovry4x4:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Street is OURS 8)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL WE NEED IS YOU [thumbzup]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST LET ME KNOW ::: :grd: Your vehicle type .. Example ... M925...
  6. emr

    Short notice to go to Monster Jam TODAY with your MV

    Amazingly short notice, But someone with any MV can attend the monster jam today !! this is amazingly short notice but we are short 1 or possibly 2 vehicles in the NJ Met Life stadium , Rutherford NJ Free food and 2 tickets to the Monster Jam show, If someone can be there by 1130 today, I know...
  7. emr

    NYC Veterans Day Parade !!

    Its coming fast once again, ALL SS Soldiers are invited to attend. The MTA is once again putting a convoy into the city, Any SS members can come from any direction, one does not need to enter by our convoy, But to experience our Police escorted convoy down rt 3 thru the Lincoln tunnel and right...
  8. emr

    2013 NYC Veterans Day Parade !!

    The MTA is putting the annual NYC Vets Parade convoy together right now !! All Steel Soldiers are invited to attend, 11/11/11 is the time , da y ,and month .. We convoy in from NJ, We start at the Dover Armory rt 15 S xt 34 off rt 80 1/4 mile on left at 0600, pull out 0610 sharp. we convoy to...
  9. emr

    Nyc vets parade !!

    Anyone who wants to attend the New York City Vets Parade is welcome to attend thru the MTA Convoy this Sunday, I need to know the vehicle type and driver cell number and name . Please send it to and I will confirm with you, this is the largest Vets Parade in the country, it...
  10. emr

    paint color codes what do I have :)

    I looked for some threads but did not find what I want, i need the name of the color for 37030...30277...30099...33303... I think 33303 is sand, but the others I need help with, thanks... if there is a place we have the numbers and colors listed please let me know and i will look it up... :)
  11. emr

    Nyc vets parade info !!!

    ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND The LARGEST :) Veterans Day Parade in the Nation !!! There are some rules that need to be followed, this Year General Patraius WILL Be on the Reviewing stand checking us out :) Bring your camera, There are STRICKED Security issues with this !! He is the Head of the...
  12. emr

    The NJ Flood trucks an update :)

    :mrgreen:...I put this under deuces because they were, i did not find the other thread but think this may be a good new one for an update, So many said "Hey the electronics is shot for sure , the motors are shot and will never run, "Those FMTV's will never run again, WELL GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!! the...
  13. emr

    John Basilone parade needs 2 or more cargo trucks to carry Marine Vets !!!

    John Basilone Congressional Medal of Honor winner !!! parade in Rariten NJ on Sept. 24th needs at least 2 cargo troop carriers and ACTUALLY ANY VEHICLES ARE WELCOME ! To carry retired Basilone Division Vets who just can not walk the route anymore, !!! If anyone can help please pm me and i will...
  14. emr

    Cargo cover 17ft 20ft

    I have 2 cargo covers newer camo vinyl one is 17ft and one is 20ft, I am assuming the 20 is a longbow, So my question is what the heck fits a 17ft cargo cover?Yes i would like to sell them also... ...Randy
  15. emr

    813 radiator

    Looking for a 800 series radiator near Northern NJ...Thanks randy
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