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  1. Migginsbros

    How to post a picture in a Personell Massage.

    I can post pictures easy in a forum thread. But I try the same way in a PM it does´nt work. Any Idea?
  2. Migginsbros

    Pics from our first UNIMOG

    In the early 80th we purchase this 404S from an auction of the french allieds in Berlin. Had fun for years with this one.:beer:
  3. Migginsbros

    European Member List

    Due to the loss of the member map at SteelSoldiers and the wish of some european members to meet each other someday we will try to get an european member list first. I will copy the list and add your information. User Name _________Town ___________Country...
  4. Migginsbros

    Tatra spotted on Saturday

  5. Migginsbros

    Fehmarn to Berlin 300 miles on wheels

    And this is what we hope to bring home safe. It is a 5t MAN Kat1 4x4 with V8 aircooled Deutz Diesel. The canopy is missing but we want to get one set from another guy on the way home.
  6. Migginsbros


    Try to upload pics from my cell phone :3dAngus:
  7. Migginsbros

    Bayonet WW I Mauser Germany Soemmerda Koenig Kaiser

    I want to ask in our forum first. Anyone looking for a bayonet ? It´s from my passed friend "Lulle". Before I put it on e..y I will show it in our community. I would appreciate also any hints or adress. I think it´s for Mauser M1871 and Mauser M1871-84 rifle Marking means for example...
  8. Migginsbros

    Does a civilian version of the 1979 AM General M917 8x6 Dump Truck exist?

    Does a civil brother of the 1979 AM General M917 8x6 Dump Truck exist? Thank you for information.
  9. Migginsbros

    2018 New Year´s Ride! January first

    We wouldn´t be surprised if other SS members taken the time for a new years ride. Me and my wife took the UNIMOG 406 Aircraft Tug for ride out off the town for lunch. The location is at the river Havel and operated in the 5th generation since 1892.
  10. Migginsbros

    70 years of the BIG Lift Berlin/Germany

    This is a newspaper link to inform about the arrangements in celebration of the 70th years of the BIG LIFT to Berlin-Germany. About 40 DC3 and DC4 /C-47 and C54 planned to visit Germany and...
  11. Migginsbros

    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    If you own a SEE, HMMH or HME Tractor please let us know. 419.101 SEE 2086 ea., 419.102 HME 13 ea., 419.103 HMMH 164 ea., 419.104 HME 153 ea. Post name, Town, State, country, email, phone,first 9 digit of frame no. or what you think/like to build a network of FLU419 owners.
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